Chapter 1

I awoke hazily, my eyes glued together, struggling to peer out through the darkness into the mellow orange light that brushed against my naked eyes, slightly irritating their sensitive peers. I tried to wipe them with my hands, but I could not. Suddenly all lethargy vanished as I realised my arms were tied down, strapped tight against the chair’s rests. My legs were also bound tight, holding me firmly in place. Panic engulfed me; I wiggled and writhed, panting loudly as I tried to free myself. I could not. My head began to spin as I sat in exhaustion, wheezing to catch my breath, seems of sweat trickling across my brow, the sensation of breathlessness forcefully calming me down. Why am I so submissive, why can’t I make more of an effort to free myself? My body felt different somehow. As I rested again I noticed how comfortable my legs and buttocks cuddled into the chair, melding and absorbing into the cushions, shaping them in a mutual agreement of softness and support. I lifted my head up slightly, the room was dim, pale orange light was coming from the left corner of the room, clouded in blankets of smoke as darkness gripped the rest of the room. I looked down at my body, I was clothed in a black t-shirt, I was possibly wearing jogging bottoms, it was hard to tell. Looking at my body, it seemed different again; its proportions seemed to have changed, under the shirt a round mass protruded, a great mound resting sensually, content.

I heard noises coming from my right hand side, again I began struggling, turning my head in a vain effort to see through the darkness behind me. The noises died away eventually, but my efforts finished long before. Tiredness gripped me, my chest panted heavily, sensations filled my body, all the nerves in my legs were tingling as I gave up my efforts and collapsed deeper into the chair, exploring the seemingly limitless possibilities of comfort, sinking into the cushions in a perfect unison of softness. The frontiers of pleasure surrounded me, like sliding into a hot bath after a long day. Finally catching my breath I discovered endless streams of tenderness, my legs gently caressing each other, the sensation of glorious flesh rubbing in an inescapable ritual of satisfaction. The noises returned, however my sense of fear had vanished, in its place emerged a longing, a curiosity that knew what was coming, though it escaped my conscious mind for the time. The noises turned into footsteps, heavy and infrequent, growing louder. I sat calmly, listening. Great weights pounded against a wooden floor that howled in burst of creaks and strains. Heavy sounds filled the room, like a great drum in the deep, waves of bass rippled through my body. The intensity of the rhythm grew and grew, engulfing my mind in its tribal pace, only to suddenly stop, leaving the room in a deep void of silence. Then, a woman spoke.

‘How is my big boy today? I hope you’re ready for some more of those powdered donuts; you know how I like it when you eat them.’

There was a rustling of packaging, and from the darkness came a great fleshy arm, clasping a moist donut, packed to the brim with jam, cased in glistening white sugar. I opened my mouth, inviting the hand to guide the donut inside. My mouth watered as the heavenly desert seemingly floated before my eyes, my whole body became seized in a gluttonous lusting for it, every nerve came to life and my stomach let out a great roaring grumble.

‘Somebody’s a hungry boy’, she giggled, before passively forcing the donut into my mouth, opening my mind to complete ecstasy, sending uncontrollable urges pulsing sexually as I discovered hanging rolls of fat around my waist.

< br>I ate around 20 donuts in total, it was hard to tell, I became lost in a world of pleasure beyond that of the conscious mind.

I could hear my feeder panting, releases of pleasure and desire blended with breathless lust came from her, wafts of sweet perfume glided around her, scent’s of a bakery hung high in the air, as I welcomed her presence in my journey of gluttony.

‘The first time I saw you’, she began, ‘do you remember? That hot sticky day in June, I was leaving work, heaving and panting under the blazing sun, feeling my thighs rub and the sweat drip all over my body, my gut and ass bouncing up and down, folds and creases of fat mating beneath that tight black work outfit. I could tell people were watching me, people always do. That look in their eyes, I don’t like their eyes. But then I saw you, on the train, remember? You were sat down, reading something. The train was packed, I had to squeeze and wriggle against all sorts of people just to get a place to stand. Then I was pushed right in front of you, I could feel everyone’s eyes on me, all the loathing, the hate. Suddenly I felt my belt buckle giving way, slowly my belly began to roll free, breaking loose in big doughy waves, until finally it hung heavily on top of your book. I felt totally embarrassed. I could feel my gut hanging over the cover, slowly drifting across the paper, but I couldn’t move my hands to stop it. Fear gripped me, I looked down at you, your head still fixed on the book, wondering what you would do. Then you slowly lifted your head, that smile, how I remember, and those eyes! Wonder only knows how I had not met you before. The look in those eyes, filled with love and care, fixated in a look of uncontrollable desire. Then you said to me, ‘Please take my chair, its yours. All that I ask in return is, can I have your number please’.
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Atlas1224 12 years
Please write more. Your description is amazing and I would love to know what happens next.