Further Changes.

Chapter 1 - cold nights

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The joy over seeing each other again was slowly subsiding, back to normal levels. They had been at home for a week so that Leon could get accustomed to his 'former' life again, then the two left for the isle of R�gen. Lilith watched the trees, bowed by the wind, flying by. Over the flat lands clouds were building up, lonesome sunrays draw a pattern on the grasslands. Lilith thought of what lay ahead of them and subconsciously took Leons hand. He was steering the car safely through the winding lands. They passed Stralsund and when they reached the bridge to R�gen the sky cracked open and with its sunbeams came a stunning view over the Strelasund and D�nholm.

Although this was partly a serious journey Lilith admitted to herself that she was starting to enjoy the weekend. The same thought seemed to have crossed Leons mind, too, as he said "I think that's another reason why this seminar is on R�gen. The weekend may be about relaxing, too." He smiled.
This seminar was the post-processing of Leons service in Afghanistan. And Lilith felt that Leon was a little afraid of it. After all he had done pretty well in burying memories in the back of his head.

The first weeks after the seminar were hard ones. It had brought back up everything Leon had successfully suppressed. His dreams made him relive parts of his deployment. When he closed his eyes he saw two of his comrades being brought back to the camp, severely wounded in combat, blood all over their uniforms; he heard the gunshots and mortars when their platoon was under fire, only transferring tanks from a closed down camp to their base.

But he was doing a good job. He got psychological support, organised by the Bundeswehr. They were anxious to prevent their soldiers to slide into a posttraumatic stress disorder. Leon coped with his memories really well. Soon he was able to sleep through the night again. And the occasions when Lilith would wake up, hearing him talking in his sleep, hearing him cry, became less frequent.

It was some weeks or so later when Lilith waked with a start. Something was odd. Sleepily she squinted. She was shivering, her blanket had somehow disappeared. She reached for Leon but found his side empty. Looking up she made a silhouette out in the dark corner behind the door. Lilith shrieked but the silhouette darted forward, lay his hand on her mouth to keep her from screaming and dragged her into the dark. "Shu'p, woman, listen!"
Anxiously and frightened Lilith tried to hear something over her heart beat, the blood was pounding in her ears. But there was nothing. The strong body relaxed a little. But Leon did not take his hand from her mouth. It dawned on her. She pressed herself against him, feeling his muscular legs against her soft bum. He lowered his left hand slowly from her lips. His right hand, Lilith realized, held a baseball racket. Lilith couldn't think of anything to say. So she slowly turned and looked up to him.
She could feel, he still listened to the silence in the house. His body was tense. She thanked God that soldiers weren't allowed to take their guns with them home. "Leon", she whispered. His eyes focused on her and she could see him recognizing her. His gaze wandered around the room, seeming to check on every detail.
His muscles relaxed. "Gosh, you're freezing!" - "I'm okay. Are you?" - "Yes, sure", but his wary expression belying him. He ran his hand through his hair. Cut neatly above the ears but longer at the parting, it now stood up as needles. "Are you back here with me?", she asked fondly. He bend his head and gave her a kiss on her forehead. "Let's go back to bed." He reached for her hand and sat her on the bed.
With some (a little frightening) accuracy he placed the racket next to their bed. Then he turned, hesitated and watched her. She met his gaze. Her hair was flowing down her shoulders.

"God, you're beautiful", he whispered. He took in her appearance. Her hair was soft and long, framing her delicate face. 'She's grown', the thought came up to his mind. Her soft and round belly resting on her broad thighs, quivering as she leaned back and shifted her weight.
Her upper arms, pressed to her body, had gotten bigger. Her boobs and her hips had this hourglass-look although her belly was probably a little too big for it. Vanished were his bad dreams, instead the urge to have her was starting to rise up. She had changed a lot but only to the better. He was a little surprised at this thought. He'd never had expected himself to be into bigger women. But apparently...

Lilith could see the thoughts crossing his face. She rose, put her arms around his neck and pressed her softness against his firm body. His hands immediately closed around her waist, grabbed her butt and let it jiggle. She gave him a deep kiss, starting to feel the arousing tingle between her legs. He caressed her back, paying extra attention to her back fat, being just perfect to hold on to. Just like her love handles. He put his hands under her belly, shaking her fat. She scratched her nails over his back, clutching to his neck - not believing. He was back in her arms! How did she get through the year without him?!
Somehow feeling her thoughts he put his hands around her face, looking into her eyes. "I love you, you know" - "I know" she swallowed. He kissed her, leading them to the bed. She fell back, her whole body wobbling. Her belly rose into the cold night. She gave it a little slap. Leon was on top of her, his muscular chest brushing against her hard nipples and her flabby belly.
Some time later they curled up under the bed sheets, his hand caressing her body and following the shape of her side. Lilith felt safe and protected in his arms and Leon fell asleep with the feeling of really being home.
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Td0057 8 years
Great story! A fantasy most every FA guy dreams. of. Hope she continues to grow and burst out of clothes.
RFBurton 9 years
YOU HAVE to continue this...soon....take it where you want it to go, but we need more!!