Game night

chapter 1

it's saturday, and there's a big football game tonight, ISU needs to win tonight to stay in the hunt for a good place at the end of the year.

We don't always go, but tonight I want to, and you've agreed to join me - I've loaned you one of my ISU jerseys since it's big and roomy and your stuff doesn't seem to be fitting as well lately..

it's a night game, so we're hanging out on the couch a bit before we head to the stadium, my hands keep finding excuses to sneak up the loose shirt you're wearing and fondle your pudgy belly.. you keep laughing and pushing me away whispering "don't, my sorority sisters might see" and me replying softly "let them, your chub is irresistible to me"

we walk into the stadium holding hands, the crowd is pumped - we find our seats, then I immediately get up to go get in line for some stadium food, we're eating dinner here, since it's a late game.

sitting by yourself you shift around a little and get an idea of how the jersey actually fits.. it's not as oversized as you were hoping.. it's definitely too long and, since it's a men's jersey, pretty loose at the shoulders.. but your belly and boobs just slightly push against the fabric, and it doesn't feel like there's as much extra width as you'd hoped.. the hem at the bottom is very generous, but.. it also reaches your generous butt so you don't feel very tiny there either..

I come back with the food - your eyes widen as you see how much I'm carrying, nachos, hotdogs, a cheeseburger, two massive sodas, a couple candy bars. I laugh at your expression and blush a little and say "it's not just for me.. we're going to share" I sit down and then lean close and whisper "I had to get lots - I know your appetite, and I want to make it up to you for letting me drag you to the game"

I hand you one of the sodas and say "drink up, the refills are cheap" and then both hotdogs and the nachos. I keep the burger for myself. when you give me another look I grin and say "what? we're sharing the nachos but your lap makes a better table..." I trail off and glance significantly at your plump hips and thighs as I finish.
I kiss your cheek when you blush.

you're hungry, we haven't eaten since a light lunch at the house, so you tear into the hotdogs quickly.. I try to keep from staring.. something about hotdogs and the way you eagerly shove them into your mouth before taking a bite has me.. distracted. you catch me blushing this time..

as you finish the hotdogs I get up to go get more food.. leaving you with the nachos and the candybars. I have about half a burger left myself, but as I stand up to leave I lean close and whisper "finish those nachos before I come back, chubby, I'm going to buy some more and your lap isn't *that* wide yet" I wink, pinch your side, and walk away.

you already feel your belly getting a little fuller under the jersey, but the embarrassment turns you on a little and you want to please me, so you shovel the rest of the nachos into your mouth anyway while you wait for me to return.. you notice your cup is missing too so you borrow a sip from mine.. "did I really drink the whole thing already?" you wonder, "maybe I should've asked him not to refill it.." absentmindedly you open and eat one of the candybars too, you're starting to reach for the other when I return, holding another cardboard tray laden with stadium food. "I hope you're still hungry!" I tease as I sit back down "I'd hate to have any of this food go to waste" you see a small clever smile on my lips, and you realize that I'm not really planning to eat anything other than my burger and maybe a candybar tonight... and that maybe I loaned you that jersey so your plumping belly would be our little secret..
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