Hacking Stuffer 31 complete

Chapter 1 - introduction

Andy was like any other 22 year old guy. Enjoyed football, a bit of gambling here and there and the occasional binge drinking session with is mates on a Saturday night. Since he can remember Andy was always into technology. Anytime there was a problem with a computer Andy could fix it. All in all Andy appeared very average on the outside, the only difference was his choice of women. For years Andy had watched his friends girlfriends come and go whilst he remained single. At 6 foot 1 with blonde hair and fairly attractive his mates always questioned as to why he never had a girlfriend as he wasn't exactly ugly by any means. It was true he never worked out a day in his life but he managed to keep his very thin frame no matter what he ate. Only occasionally did he get a small layer of fat appear under his belly button when he hit the alcohol hard over summer. To Andy all his mates girlfriends looked exactly the same; slim with long blond hair and a bit ditsy. Andy on the other hand had a deep secret fetish which nobody but himself knew about. The only time he would find any of his mates girlfriend attractive is when they gained a little weight; this is when he realised he was into weight gain. At first he just took pleasure in watching for any slight weight gain amongst any of the girls he knew in college until his best friend started dating a girl called Sarah. As usual she was a tall skinny brunette that was until she went to uni and gained the freshman 15. Andy couldn't stop scanning all of her facebook pictures, watching each week as her belly bulged further out against her tightening dresses. When she returned home in the summer it was clear her boyfriend was unhappy about her new found weight and she was quickly dumped. In the process Sarah deleted Andy from Facebook which left him with nothing to browse at each night. That was until he stumbled upon the magnificence that is BBW's.
Like an excited school boy Andy discovered that he wasn't alone in his fetish and that people actively gained weight themselves. At first his favourite sites were Stuffer 31 and Fantasy Feeder. He then moved onto youtube and various other weight gain forums, searching for new girls he hadn't already looked at over the months. Andy's secret ritual continued for a number of years until his favourite site Stuffer 31 decided that user would have to pay for it services. Not wanting anyone to know about his fetish (especially his mum) he couldn't pay to use the site. This is when Andy decided that with all his computer knowledge he would hack into the site so he could use it for free.
Andy was sat at his computer desk in his boxers starting the final preparations for hacking into Stuffer 31. "Right enough is enough" he said to himself. "I refuse to pay for this site". It took Andy a mere 20 minutes to gain access into the site. "Great its worked" he said with excitement. Andy began searching through a countless number of women until he could hold it no longer. He settled on his final choice, a women maybe in her early thirties weighing around 14 stone. She had short brown hair and was wearing a tight leather police outfit with a cutaway for her soft round belly. He loved how her love handles were pulling at the seams of the outfit bulging over the edge of her leather belt. He grabbed his cock and began frantically pounding away, forgetting about his illegal activities he continued until he exploded over his computer key board.
Andy "God jeez that was good" he said with a laboured tone. After cleaning himself up and shutting down his computer Andy took himself off to bed pleased with the nights efforts.
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Irons10 8 years
haha worth a try
FrecherTyp 8 years
oh such a nice tricky story thehe such a perfect revenge story ;-) hmmm i wonder if someone could teach me how to hack ? ;-)
Azerty 9 years
No disappointment. Just a thank you.
Irons10 9 years
well he escaped so I decided to end it there. I will be releasing another story soon though. Sorry to disappoint
Azerty 9 years
Wonderful story. More ?
Centro 9 years
Was a fun read. Overall enjoyed it. A husband and wife scenario with similar epitomes would be awesome. I can help you edit stuff too.