Happy Birthday

Chapter 1 - a night to remember

As usual, we found ourselves more physically closer to eachother than we most likely should be. It's not uncommon for us two, to find ourselves in this kind of situation. It was the 27th of November, we went to the same party at a friend's house not too far from my apartment. The party itself was pretty boring, I came because I knew he would be there. He knew I'd show up.
I stood there, sipping my beer, shooting short appriciative glances over the dull party crowd and onto his incredible, thick, chubby body. His soft cusiony belly was tightly packed into a dark blue button-up shirt, it's curves sharply defined by the stretched out fabric. Cute little lovehandles peeked out from over his waistband, sending glimpses of supple, pale flesh every once in a while from beneath the constraint of his tight clothes. I knew I shouldn't be staring, but it was hard not to. I wanted to grab him right then and there, I wanted to tell him how fat he looked and how much it turns me on just thinking about grabbing that huge ass of his and- "Having fun so far?" he asked and placed his hand on my shoulder, sending my mind crashing back to earth with a startled jump. "No, you know I'm not really the partying type. I just thought..." his soft lips curved into a knowing smile
"You just thought what?"
"I just thought" my heartbeats quickened, my breath went shallow "that considering it's today..."
he shifted closer to me, locked his sea-blue eyes with mine "...and considering that we're both already here, and the party isn't really getting anywhere..." I set my cup down on a table and snuck my palms past the borders of uncertainty, grabbing at his warm, comforting sides. He pulled me into a tight hug, his soft abdomen pressed into my body and crushed all thoughts and feelings other than the very pleasant warmth that slowly filled my body. "Wanna go someplace else?" he whispered into my ear, warm breath on soft skin.
"hell YES."
With that, I grabbed his arm and pulled him outside. We walked in silence past the warmly lit windows, his arm wrapped around my shoulders. His belly looked so soft, and so goddamn delicious.
I closed the door behind us, and slid a hand onto his belly, caressing it gently. "I can never get enough of you, did you know that?" I said and giggled, right before pulling him into a deep kiss. "Yes, actually. And god knows why." I sighed and pulled him closer, so that I could feel him all over. I felt his hard cock against my body, and knew he wanted more. So did I.
I led him into the bedroom.
First, however, there were things that needed to be clarified. "Don't say that. Don't ever, ever say that."
"Why? I'm fat, and I'm disgusting, everybody knows that. No one ever wanted me except for you. I honestly don't get it, though I really can't complain. you're quite the catch"
I really am. Dirty blonde hair, hazel green eyes, a cute nose and full lips combined with a slightly soft albeit well built physique, there really wasn't much to complain about. However, even though I had a decent amount of admirers, I never felt attracted to the type of men most girls are into. I've known it for a while now, what I really like. I like my men soft, with more than a little meat on their bones. I like my men fat, and more than I like them fat, I like him.
"I know some people talk behind my back and say I deserve more, and you deserve less. don't listen to that bullshit. I want you more than I'd ever wanted anything else, and I don't think anyone's opinion regarding what I should or could want should get in our way. I love your body, and everything about it. Don't you ever forget that." He looked at me, a little surprised "You like me like this?" he asked, and grabbed a handfull of luscious belly fat for emphasis. "Yes, fat. I like you fat" and with these words I pulled him into the bed, one hand fondling his belly and the other massaging his inner thighs. A soft moan escaped his lips and so I leaned down to kiss him once again, a long, gentle kiss. "You know what time it is?" I asked him, grinning. "Ten to twelve. It's your birthday tomorrow, isn't it." My grin widened. "Yup, yes it is. And do you know what I want for my birthday this year?" "I do have a few guesses, but what is it?" I wrapped my hand around his throbbing cock and traced his lips with the other. "You".
He laughed a short, nervous laugh that sent his body rippling and jiggling in my arms. "You're so predictable", he said, smiling. I started gently rubbing his rock hard member, while my lips teased his nipples. He placed his hand on one of my breasts and massaged it tenderly.
I was in heaven, and by the moans that filled the moonlit room, I knew he was, too.
And that was just the beginning.
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FrecherTyp 9 years
oh wow this was hot ^^ and so sweet to read ;-) i hope there is lot more ^^ hmm...who wouldn´t be willing to give such a birthday present
Asi 9 years
amazing.. more please
Built4com4t 9 years
short and sweet...nicely done