Heavy Seas

Chapter 1 - heavy seas

Mike was in the Navy and was currently assigned to a sub tender. He had made rank rather quickly after graduating from "A" school. However once he had gotten to his ship he quickly took notice of the political games that were played, this being mostly from the females onboard the ship. Mike couldn't stand that sort of shit. He had dealt with that bullshit all through high school and it looked to be no different here. The females onboard the ship were in a majority, which is a rare thing in the Navy. There were about 400 females compared to the 200 males on the ship. So it was no surprise to him that he was given all the shit jobs in his division, which was a great injustice in his eyes. He was intelligent and motivated, but all the good jobs went to the females in the division as well as onboard. Even female personnel that were junior to Mike were given better jobs.

As said before Mike was intelligent, IQ of 160, but he lacked discipline and direction. He loved physics and chemistry. He had his own sort of "Mad Scientist" lab in his apartment that he loved experimenting with, when he was not out to sea on the ship. He never planned on staying in the Navy; he just needed some time to figure out what his next step in life was. The GI bill was a pretty good extra as well. 

Mike only had one person onboard he could call a friend Steve. Steve was a good guy, a little bit of a wise ass & trouble maker, but a good guy. Mike and Steve had one thing in common that brought them together. Steve and Mike were FA's or fat admirers. They loved BBW and SSBBW, the bigger the better they thought. Mike had always thought he was alone in his love for bigger women. He didn't realize, until he saw some of the pictures Steve had on his laptop. After that Steve showed him all the sites on the internet to go to.

The chat rooms, dating services, and groups opened a whole new world for Mike. It also gave him a direction as well. He started researching and working feverishly in his lab. Anytime he had off he was working, working on a formula, a formula that could change everyone's view on fatness and obesity. He finally got it working on lab mice and guinea pigs. The formula Mike called BBX (bigger body extreme) made the mice and guinea pigs not only fatter it made them hungry 24/7. He needed to test it on humans though. He was racking his brain on this when Steve, who was in on the experiment simply suggested that he use it on the crew during the long deployment coming up.

"On the crew, Are you nuts?!" Mike replies.

"Yeah I'm nuts, but so what. Those jerks deserve it and at least we would have some BBWs and SSBBWs to look at." Steve said.
"The only problem is how to get the crew to take it?" Steve says smiling.

"Well you have access to the potable water onboard, right? We'll just add it there it dissolves completely in water, it has no smell or taste to it. No one would have a clue." Mike states matter-of-factly.

"Yeah until they blow up like a Macy Day float." Steve laughs. "So how long does it take before the first signs show up?" Steve asks.

"If all things follow as it has with the mice, 48 hours give or take a couple of hours. Then the process speeds up over the next 72 hours. The crew will double and in some cases triple their weight. After that they will eat as much as possible." Mike says.

"Then it is settled we will start this experiment the day we leave on the deployment!" Steve proclaims.

" One thing though, we will have to gain as well otherwise we will get caught." Mike states.

"Man I don't mind a little weight gain, but I can't deal with being super sized." Steve says.

"No worries! I have done some calculations and I am sure I can come up with some sort of blocker, a pill that should stop or reduce the rapid expansion and minimize the extreme hunger. It shouldn't be bad at all, probably 50 pounds at the most." Mike says. They stayed up the rest of the night making enough BBX to spread through the whole crew and working on the blocker pills for them both.

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Et Smash 11 years
Thank you everyone for the kind words on the story.
Et Smash 11 years
Yeah sorry about that barrel37. It was my 1st story I ever really wrote and there were a lot more flaws in it before I ran through it a couple of times.
Daj462 11 years
Like to sea where this one is going (X-Navy myself, butt before they allowed women on board)