Hermoine's Adventure

Chapter 1

It was the start of a new year at hogwarts...children were getting off the train...getting sorted into their houses...Draco Malfoy and his goons were up to no good as usual...and our three heroes...Harry, Ron, and Hermoine, were seated in the great hall after the sorting was over. These same friends, that had managed to get through anything together, thick and thin...were no different than they were when they themselves were scared first years about to embark on their journey.

Dumbledore had just finished his begging of the year speech. All of a sudden, a mass of food overfilled the dining tables, and the feast was well underway in no time. Hermoine was especially waiting for the great feast....because she hadn't eaten all day and had forgotten her money for the lunch cart on the train, she was without saying...ravenous. Usually she only had very little to eat, while Ron and Harry made up for her. She seemed to be holding her own this time, she ate like a vaccum cleaner, food just disappeared into her mouth. "wow," said Harry and Ron as they looked at hermoine while she was eating. "I didn't know you could put it away like that," Ron exclaimed. "oh shut up, I'm just hungry today is all," exclaimed hermoine in between bites. She didn't stop eating until she was the only one left in the hall....she realized how late it was and then creeped up to the gryffindor dorms.....

When hermoine had gotten ready for bed, she realized how snug her pajamas were because of her round belly...she quickly got into bed and observed the round, soft, creamy white skinned ball under her shirt. She began to rub it and the more she did...the more she liked it. "I wonder how much more I would like it if I had an even bigger belly," thought hermoine. With that thought she drfited off to sleep.

Hermoine woke up to see a dungeon somewhere. There was a Bed in the middle of a dungeon, in front of the bed was a table....full of food and treats. Harry and ron grabbed some of the food and hauled it over to a large, shadowy, womanly figure on the bed. "This is for you, my plump princess," said Ron. "This is also for you, my growing beauty," said Harry. The figure replied "thank you slaves, I will want more later though, now please...rub my belly while I eat, tell me how fat I am getting." All they could do was comply with her wishes. "My beauty grows ripe and full with each bite," said Harry as he massaged the fat of the figure, he rubbed with such care and compassion it put hermoine in a trance. "Who knew how good you would look with all this luscious weight, you are simply fat!" said Ron as he stroked her breasts, weighing each in his hand and then pinching her nipples. The figure only screamed in ecstasy as the shadow lifted only to reveal hermoine, but not the hermoine we know, a hermoine at least three times the size of the one viewing the scene. Harry, Ron, and the now fattened Hermoine all laughed together as the feeding and rubbing continued. Hermoine had no idea how to react, was she supposed to be turned on by seeing herself three times as big or utterly replulsed? She let out a scream of desperation and then woke.
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