Ice Cream and Aprons

Chapter 1 - ice cream and aprons

She had been skinny her whole life, until she met Adam. It started out as a regular whirlwind romance, until they moved in together. Now Adam let her stay home while he went to work and he always made sure that there were plenty of bowls of snacks on every available surface. She sat at the TV all day, every day, and mindlessly munched. When Adam arrived home, he would cook an enormous dinner and only ate a little bit while he fed the rest of it to her. She ate a whole family sized meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the snacks in themselves amounted to about four large meals a day. Even though she was eating so much and getting increasingly lazier, she didn't notice that her thighs were thickening, her arms were starting to shake when she moved them, and her hips spread out onto the other couch cushions when she sat. Those were nothing compared to her belly, however. It was drastically different than the thin muscled board that she had had before. Now, covered in huge, red stretch marks, it spilled out to fill her whole lap. When she stood, it reached mid thigh, and the thin sweats clearly showed the sides of her belly falling out the sides of her too small underwear.
She stood with great difficulty and waddled to the kitchen, butt and stomach shaking. She took out a gallon tub of ice cream from the freezer, walked slowly back to the living room, and sat down on the couch, which creaked loudly in complaint. She paid no heed, but opened the ice cream and proceeded to eat her way through it. By the time Adam came home, she had eaten the entire thing and was passed out on the couch in a food coma. He woke her by gently rubbing her belly, and sat down next to her to feed her the giant container of pasta he had brought home. After eating all of it, Adam removed all her clothes, which were basically skintight anyway, and reached under her apron to rub her clit. She moaned quietly, and as he rubbed faster, the moans crescendoed until she gave a huge gasp and jerked so hard she fell on the floor with a crash. She lay there for a moment, all parts wobbling, and then tried to sit up. She couldn't. Adam sat there on the couch watching her try to sit up, but to no avail. Her belly was too enormous and she was too weak. She eventually rolled onto her vast stomach and pushed herself onto the couch.
"That was too hard. I must have gained a little weight. I think I'm going to start a diet tomorrow."
Adam blanched. "Well, whatever you say, but you look fine to me."
The next day, she woke up and decided to make a simple bowl of cereal. When she arrived in the kitchen, Adam was waiting with a full country breakfast. It looked so good and smelled so appetizing that she sat down and ate the whole thing. After breakfast, she forgot all about the diet and settled back into her daily routine.
.......10 months later.........
She had not left the bed in several months. A while back, she had become ill, so the doctor had told her to stay in bed. During this time, Adam had fed her more than he ever had before, even taking time off of work to do so, so she had gained several hundred pounds. One morning, she felt strong enough to go to the bathroom by herself, so she tried to get out of bed. It took her fifteen minutes to get to the side of the bed because of her weak, unused muscles and her new, huge belly that separated her legs as she sat. Sitting, her belly cascaded to mid-calf, and as she heaved herself to a standing position, her belly still came to her knees. All this time, she hadn't noticed exactly how much weight she had gained, and she noticed with horror how hard it was for her to walk to the bathroom, five feet away. The shelf of her butt jiggled as she finally walked back to the bed, and as she rolled herself back into a laying position, her belly rocked back and forth. She breathed heavily and felt a dampness between her legs. Maybe this was a good thing. She was getting all the sex, food and sleep she wanted. The only problem was that she couldn't reach down there, she was too fat. At that moment, Adam walked through the door and immediately kissed her and reached his hand down there. As he fed her and rubbed her simultaneously, her only thought was that this was bliss and she couldn't want for anything else. Over the next two months, she gained even more, and it became completely impossible for her to move on her own. She never left her bed again.
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Goodworks 10 years
I'd agree with that, but a little too crazy for me in the end.
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Short, but with all the right stuff.