Jesses fattening journey

Chapter 1 - jesse part 1

first off let me start by saying that all of this is true. Jesse is my one true love and is well on her way to becoming a true fatty. Her full name is Jesse Anna Jenkle, shes 24 and currently weighs 450lbs. This story is the tale of how she got to that size.

the year was 2008, it was early spring and Jesse and I had met only a few weeks earlier. we met in trade school and instantly started flirting and getting to know eachother. Something about her just intrigued me and all I could do was find out more about her. she wasent fat at all by my standerds being only 5'4" and weighing about 120lbs. she was a little pudgey but not fat, which is what made my attraction to her so odd. iv been attracted to women that are HUGE for most of my life and this woman was not that at all.

so we talked and chatted and hung out for a few months on campus until one fatefull day. I was eating lunch and Jesse came in to the cafe and sat down next to me. she looked right in my eyes, put her hand on my crotch and said " I think its time we enjoyed more of eachothers company, would you like to come back up to my room?", to which i answered "of course hun". so we briskly walked up to her dorm room and without missing a beat she pushed me on the bed and we started making out. we kissed and groped and fondled for almost an hour before i tried to undo her pants and mine. when i did that she suddenly became very nervous. "Whats wrong?" i asked, to which she replied " im not sure, its just that for the past few months iv been getting to know you and learning about you and im starting to...." she didnt even have to say anything to let me know what she was trying to convey. she had started to fall for me just as i had for her. "hun i feel the same way" i said with a small tear in my eye and happyness in my voice, " if you want we can stop here and talk some more, i dont want to make you feel uncomfortable". Once she heard that she became very happy and started kissing me again.

a few days later, Jesse and I are sitting at the tabel in her room playing some MTG and out of the blue she looks at me and then back at her cards giggling. "Whats so funny?", i ask with a smile."oh its nothing" she says, I ask again" whats so funny, it has to be something good" i say with a bigger smile. i take her hand in mine and she looks at me with her deep green eyes " i just realised something about you and i cant believe it wasent obvious to me from the start", "whats that?" i ask. "you like fat chicks dont you? i mean REALLY fat chicks." i laughed and nodded yes, to which she giggled and said "then why are you with me? im not fat at all". i looked into her eyes and told her that for some reason she was different, i loved her for her and not for her fat. i told her that it didnt matter to me if she get fat or not, that i would always love her no matter what. after i had said that she got up from the table and said" well i need to think about some things for a few days so can you give me some space till then?". I looked at her with sad and frightend eyes and nodded yes...

she got her coat and left and for the next few days i didnt see her and all i could do was look at her picture and wonder what i had done wrong. my heart was aching and my stomache was sick. That is untill the following friday when i got a text from her. it said that she wanted to meet up at her dorm room. my heart was racing so i grabbed a quick shower, got dressed and raced over to her room.

i knocked on her door and what followed would change my life, and her figure forever....

to be continued.
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Please continue..
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This sounds like its going to be a great story!!!! Great job so far!!
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Great start
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well im glad that you like it, i plan on putting in another chapter later tonight