Johanna pt.1

Chapter 1

"This isn't going to work Dan" she sighed in frustration wiping a dribble of melted ice cream from her mouth.

"Starting to feel sick again, honey?"

"Yeah, I just can't eat another bite no matter how much I'd like to. I'll never get fat...I'll just live the rest of my life in this miserable skeleton of a body" Johanna started sobbing in frustration and threw away the half eaten carton of chocolate chip ice cream.

Dan dropped the spoon he had been holding and hugged her. This had been a common scene during their relationship. Dan was a feeder and Johanna an aspiring feedee who wanted nothing more than to be fat. Not just fat, but obese, huge. She hadn't managed to get any flesh on her 115 pound frame by herself although she had tried regularly since she was in her early teens, and when she had met Dan and discovered his fetish, she had been in heaven - she had been certain that with Dan's help she could get enormous.

The problem was that Johanna was unable to eat very much without getting sick and whenever she tried to stuff herself, she got sick and couldn't eat anything for a whole day.

Dan would have been perfectly happy with a thin girlfriend because Johanna was his kindred spirit. But Johanna was suffering, the mind of a fat woman trapped inside a lithe body that most of her friends were envious of. Most of her female friends were fat and it was no secret that she wanted to be like them.

Her friends thought she was nuts, except for Susie, who had an FA boyfriend and was reveling in her fatness recently. In fact, since Susie had met her boyfriend, she had gotten quite a lot bigger and was pretty much idolized by Johanna who couldn't keep her eyes of Susie's bulging midriff and expanding love handles. Susie's growth had made her much closer with Johanna because the rest of their friends were most of the time trying to lose weight.

A few days after her latest failed feeding session with Dan, Johanna was sitting in a small local bakery with Susie, who was inhaling a huge cream filled donut. Johanna was nibbling on a small pastry.

"I hate being so thin, this isn't who I am, you know. I wish I could be like you Susie, to be able to eat like you."

"I really shouldn't eat like this either, but I just don't seem to have any discipline lately," Susie sighed and took another huge bite of the calorie laden treat, "I think its Mark's fault. He makes me feel like it's perfectly normal to eat like a horse."

"I bet he does." Johanna giggled, forgetting her distress for a moment, "You know he likes his women big. Probably bigger than you are now, Susie."

"I've never thought of it that way, really. That would mean I could keep eating like a hog and he'd only like me more when I get fatter." Susie mumbled with a full mouth, "But my doctor will give me a hard time next week. He said last time that I'm getting too heavy and now I'm even bigger. I wish there were doctors that wouldn't keep nagging about being a bit overweight."

"Yeah, I wish there was a doctor I could see about my weight problem." Johanna sighed.

"Why couldn't you?" asked Susie, "They do gender altering surgeries, why wouldn't they help you get bigger if you feel like you were born in the wrong body?"

It was not easy to find a doctor who understood Johanna's problem, but she finally got an appointment from a doctor who was specialized in treating dangerously underweight patients, like people with cancer or difficult surgeries.

"You are not seriously underweight and I can't give you treatment that would deliberately make you obese because that is considered dangerous to your health. But I understand your problem and I will say that there is a drug called promethazine you can get without prescription. It will eliminate nausea and I've heard reports of weight gain from patients using it. Officially I recommend against using it, of course."

Johanna was about to leave when the doctor added: "If you choose to use it against my recommendation, remember not to use it for too long and don't drink large amounts of liquid too quickly. The drug also suppresses feeling of fullness."

She literally ran to the nearest drug store and bought two packs of Phenergan. One outside the drug store she popped one in her mouth and swallowed it dry. She was so excited she was trembling.

When she got home, Dan was waiting in the kitchen. He had made lasagna and apple pie for dessert. Johanna could feel the effects of the drug, but she was glad she wasn't getting any of the worse side effects. She just felt drowsy and a bit unfocused, but otherwise normal.

Dan filled her plate with the amount she normally ate. Five minutes later the plate was empty.

"Dan! Give me another plate, quick!" she ordered while still finishing the last mouthful of her first plate.

Dan raised an eyebrow, but did as requested. The last time she had tried two platefuls had ended up with her hugging the toilet seat.

Johanna kept eating, waiting for the nausea to hit. It didn't. Soon the second plate was gone, but she felt just the same as two plates before. She knew she was full, but there was no sign of not being able to eat more.

So she ate more. And more.

Dan watched in awe and growing excitement as Johanna finished plate after plate until she had eaten all of the lasagna he had cooked, minus the serving he had eaten himself. It was a lot of food even for a seasoned stuffer, but Johanna didn't seem to even struggle.

"I bet you're wondering what's going on." she smiled and burped quietly.

She lifted her shirt to see the damage and was shocked to see her formerly flat stomach bulging out like a little ball. Carefully she rubbed it relaxing some of the straining muscles around the tightly packed sack of food.

"I have no idea what's going on, but this is like from my wet dreams." Dan gasped and stared at his girlfriend's obscenely swollen little pot.

Johanna dropped the packets of Phenergan on the table and told of her visit to the doctor.

"It says here the effects of the drug last for 4 to 7 hours and as you can see it does wonders. I don't feel full at all even though I should be in agony by now, if I had ever gotten this far in the first place." she explained.

"So how much more are you going to eat?" Dan asked his voice trembling.

"How much do we have?" she asked slightly out of breath from excitement. Her dream was finally coming true!

"Ah hmm, well we have the apple pie, a pint of ice cream, some cookies. Oh and I have a few chocolate bars in my briefcase from work."

"Let's get more comfortable so you can finally do what you do best." Johanna grinned and motioned Dan to the living room couch.
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Goodworks 14 years
for months now, I've read a wg story practically every day. I've never comented before.
I enjoyed this one more than almost any other. the stuffing and actual weight gain were very well integrated. the situation and main character are interesting and well-realized. maybe I'd like to see more of an explicit element but that's just my taste. I hope you find some time to post more. Thanks.
Maximum 14 years
very nice, I look forward to the rest.
Severino 14 years
This story was inspired by a story here: Jumpstart by Avira.

Also I'd like to thank kingfisher for the idea of Phenergan.