Chapter 1

She had always been slim, but never too skinny. Her skin was the color of alabaster, soft and white. Kara was the most beautiful girl in the senior class at Santa Domingo High School, and now she was headed off to college. Her grades allowed her the privilege of a full scholarship to any university of her choosing, and she had opted for a school on the west coast, in California. Going to school 3000 miles away from her family was a treat for Kara, as she tended to think them a bit snobbish. It was true, her family owned half the town of Pleasant, but that did not mean she had to like it. She was looking forward to being in a place with people more like her, pretty and perfect. Kara knew she was perfect, and enjoyed the attention that the perfection of her body and life offered.

As she stepped off the plane in Los Angeles, she knew a moment of hesitation. What if she didn’t fit in here? After all, Pleasant was such a long way away… Maybe she would come across as a country bumpkin. Kara was always concerned with how she appeared, both in looks and personality. If the people here didn’t like her, it would be devastating. Kara shook her head reprovingly. Of course they would like her! After all, what wasn’t to like? She was beautiful, intelligent, and witty. She had her charming comments, her disarming smile, and legs that didn’t quit! Who could possibly want more? Kara grabbed her suitcase from the platform and made her way out to the waiting shuttle that would take her to the university.

Once at the dormitory, Kara was hit with the full impact of how far from home she really was. People milled around the tall building, dressed in so many different outfits, it was almost like being backstage at one of her high school plays. There were the boys—no, MEN—in sports uniforms, there were people in pajamas and fuzzy slippers, there were women dressed in business-type suits, and even a couple of girls wearing what looked like vinyl dresses. Kara knew she was staring, but suddenly felt a little out of place in her perfect designer jeans and blouse. She wanted to get to her room as quickly as possible. She glanced down at the paper in her hand, the letter from the Housing Committee here on campus, and found that she was on the third floor. She rushed indoors and headed for the stairs. There was an elevator, but Kara had always tried to keep herself trim by doing the little things, like taking stairs instead.

As she rounded the landing on the third floor, she almost ran directly into a young man. She looked up to snap at him for getting in her way, but couldn’t get the words out. He stood in front of her, looking down as his eyes twinkled with laughter. His light brown hair was long and curly, landing in an unruly mess below his shoulders.

“Are you okay?” he asked. When Kara simply nodded, his whole face broke out in a smile. “I’m Andrew, the Resident Advisor. You must be one of the new freshmen.” This received another nod from Kara. “Well, I’m not used to any of the new people using the stairs… Usually they want to lug their suitcases into the elevator, and that’s it. What’s your name?”

“Kara. My name is Kara Michelson,” she finally replied. At the sound of her own voice, some of her courage returned, and her chin went up defiantly. “I may be a freshman, but I am refusing to let that stop me from taking care of myself. I prefer the stairs, keeps me fit. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get to my room.”

Andrew gave her a strange half-smile and moved out of the way so she could pass. As she walked by, she hoped he couldn’t hear her heart pounding, or see the blush that was starting at her slender collarbone. She always hated how that gave her away. She glanced at him again, and was surprised to see him not only still watching her, but smiling again.

“Well, that’s probably a good thing. After all, you don’t want to end up ruining that figure with the ‘Freshman 15’, do you?” He replied, and with that, he was gone. Kara stared, openmouthed, at the staircase as he walked down. She shook her head at the prospect of gaining weight just because she was in a new place. Some people had no self control, but that wasn’t her. No, she would retain her figure, and she would do it by being smart. With a small nod of her head in decisiveness, she continued down the hall to her dorm room. She didn’t know when she’d been more grateful to have requested a private room. Luckily, much like everything else in her life, the college accommodated her. She got settled in and began to unpack, all the while trying to shake off the unnerving feeling Andrew had left her with. After all, she had to prepare for classes beginning the next morning.
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Womansbellyl... 4 years
Most excellent story. Keep up the good work!
15 years
i really liked this!
you're a really good writer, Rae.
keep it up. i [i]always[/i] want more!smiley
Feedee Rae 15 years
I intend to. smiley This is just the beginning. smiley