Klauss' Next Experiment Part 4

Chapter 1 - amys revelation

"You really think so?" Amy asked, tears still streaming from her eyes. All this was so much to take in. A mental checklist told Amy everything about this situation was supposed to be wrong. She had taken sexual advantage of her boss, she had done so where the two of them work, She was becoming extremely horny again despite having just had the sexual experience of her life, and, oh yeah, she had gained 50 - maybe even 60 taking a second look - pounds in the process. Now against everything she had taught herself, and despite all efforts to keep herself slim and trim, she found that not only was she liking this new development, but Mark seemed to be enjoying it too.
"Very much so," Mark said, grabbing some of Amy's wider ass for emphasis. This had the effect of raising her sex drive past any normal boundaries. "Watching how you expanded on top of me, the way it looked like I was doing it; it drove me wild. I've never experienced anything like that." Mark pulled himself closer to Amy. She could feel his dick getting harder by the second. She wasn't sure if it was that, Mark's hand on her ass or the thought of growing even more, but Amy was beyond the capacity to make any rational decisions at this point; she was just too horny.
She grabbed Mark's ass in turn and pulled him closer to her. They kissed again with all the passion of two horny teens experiencing sex for the first time. This didn't even last a minute before Mark was inside Amy again. He had her pinned against the wall and was ravaging her for all he was worth. Amy found she liked this a lot more than when she was doing all the work. She just grabbed onto Mark,first wrapping her arms around his shoulders, then folding her meatier legs around his hips. Mark held firmly to her ass and kept her pinned against the wall, but Amy could feel his grip slipping as she felt her ass expand. Not only that, but her growing breasts were starting to push her lover away; that and her growing gut. The thought of her expanding body only turned her on more and she began to thrust her own fat hips harder and harder as Mark thrust himself inside of her.
She could feel her back begin to slip against the wall. Mark was certainly giving it his all, but one thing was becoming abundantly clear to Amy, she was growing too heavy for him to support for much longer. Mark must have come to this realization as well, but as heavy as she was becoming, he made an effort to lower Amy to the ground as slowly and gently as he could. Amy was actually quite impressed, or would be when she was out of her orgasmic daze long enough to reflect on this. Mark was able to keep going, keeping a steady rythm in and out of her as he lowered her; something that couldn't have been easy to do.
Amy soon found herself on the floor, a position she thought would be uncomfortable, but which was made bearable by all the new and ever-expanding padding that was piling onto her back and ass. Mark kept going after he had her sprawled on the ground. Amy could feel her new fat jiggling everywhere; she must have gained so much more weight by now. Her much larger belly now felt like a tidal wave - a big tidal wave - rolling back and forth from her groin to her breasts with each of Mark's thrusts.
Speaking of her breasts, She could now see them clear as day and was beginning to worry about them smothering her. They had to be G cups by now and kept bumping her in the face as they jiggled back and forth.
Mark kept going, though and the thought to tell him to stop never once crossed Amy's mind. She had already had five orgasms, or at least that's where she stopped counting. She didn't know what had happened to her, but she was so glad it had. This was ecstasy, pure and simple. She no longer cared how fat she got. She could be immobile for all she cared as long as this feeling was always there.
Amy came to a final, crashing orgasm and Mark finally lost the fight with his own; it was amazing he had gone for as long as he did. Mark stopped his thrusting when his dick could no longer hold an erection and fell in a stupendous daze on top of his much larger lover. She was now enough to act as a decent bed for him. Her sides were now wide enough to outflank Mark on either side by good foot or two.
Mark grabbed Amy's belly and gave it a squeeze. "Jesus. You have gained another hundred pounds."
Amy felt herself up as well. Mark was right, in fact just a hundred pounds may have been a conservative estimate. She gave Mark a gentle nudge, letting him know to get up. She wanted to look at herself again. She wanted to see just how much more beautiful she had become.
Mark got up then Amy tried to do the same. She couldn't even sit up. Her belly was just too big now. "Can you help me," Amy asked shyly.
Mark smiled and grabbed Amy's outstretched hands. He pulled her up, something that must have been quite the strain. Amy staggered a few steps when she was on her feet again. This was way more weight than she was used to carrying. She soon found her footing, though. She discovered it was much easier to waddle now than to try and walk the conventional way. She slowly made her way to the mirror and almost fainted at what she saw - not from horror, but from delight. It was sick, she thought, but the fatter she got, the more beautiful she found herself. And she was certainly staring at beautiful sight now.
Amy had to take a step or two back so she could see herself entirely. The mirror showed her the picture of a once lithe Asian woman who was now sporting a pair of drooping H cup breasts which led down to a large, hanging belly that now covered her pubic mound and was spilling over onto her thighs. Those thighs were quite the sight themselves. They now touched each other all the way down to her knees and seemed to be intent on devouring her kneecaps. Her calves had turned into undeniable canckles. Even her toes were chubby now. Amy turned to the side to look at herself in profile. Her ass had become simply huge. It must have stuck out almost three feet and it was dimpled with innumerable cellulite craters. She finally looked at her face almost not recognizing herself. Her cheeks were now drooping jowls and now had not only a second chin but the beginnings of a third. All in all, Amy guessed herself to weight close to if not already 300 pounds.
"I'm gorgeous," she gasped.
Mark slinked up behind her and put his arms around her waist. Amy was immensely turned on by the fact that he couldn't reach all the way around.
"You certainly are," he whispered to her. "You're my goddess. I'll make you as fat as you want and then I'll just keep going."
Amy was about to lose it again. She was insatiable. She knew she should be worried about not only how horny she was so often, but how much weight this was adding to her. She didn't care, though. This was too good to stop. She didn't care if she got big enough to break the walls in this room. All she wanted was more.
The two were about to go for round three, but everything was put on hold when the door suddenly opened and someone stepped discretely in. The door was shut almost as quickly as it had been opened. The two turned around quickly - well mark turned around quickly, Amy was too fat to do anything quickly now. Still she did manage to face the other direction and was completely shocked by what she saw. Before the two of them stood a very concerned-looking, but conspicuously unsurprised Raymond Klauss.
Before either of them could speak, Klauss raised his hand to silence them. "Don't worry you're not in trouble. Not from me anyway. I'm here to help. I need the two of you to come with me if you would." Klauss looked at Amy directly and she found herself blushing. "Miss Sagaki, I've brought along some new clothes for you, but now I'm thinking I'll need to find some bigger ones. Mr. Stein," Klauss looked in Mark's direction. "You get dressed. I'll need you to come along as well. Please do your best not to draw attention to yourselves when you're outside. I've already cleared the building, so we're clear until we reach my limo outside."
"Wh-what's going on, Mr. Klauss?" Mark stammered, too shocked to say anything else.
Klauss sighed and rubbed his temple. "I'll explain on the way. Just get dressed and let's be on our way."

Sorry. Only one chapter for this one. Still trying to get those writing juices flowing again. Plus it's late and my pillow beckons. Expect another chapter I know not when, but soon.
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Haha. Nice to see I kept one fan.
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I like it; you picked up perfectly from where you left off and kept it solid as well.