Klauss' Next Experiment part 2

Chapter 1 - klauss preps

Klauss tried to detach himself from what he had done. He had knowingly altered an innocent girl's life not once, but twice now. He argued with himself that for this second time, the ends justified the means. That did little to ease his conscience, though. Besides, he could tack the fiasco with Julie to pure, selfish curiosity on his part; there were no redeeming qualities to that scenario. None of that mattered now. What was done was done, and Klauss needed to move quickly now if he was going to make any progress in curing either of the women he had changed.
Amy was already beginning to stir and Klauss had made the incredible mistake of taking her back to his place. His desperation was making him sloppy. He would have to chide himself later, though. Right now he had to concentrate on getting Amy home and then setting up his observation units where he needed them. As an extra precaution, Klauss injected Amy with a strong sedative. She was already out, but he didn't need her waking up on him unexpectedly while he transported her.
Klauss gathered what he could and loaded the equipment and his new test subject into a van. He drove as quickly as he could to where Amy's personal file said she lived. He felt a tangible wave of relief when he set Amy down on her own bed before she woke up. Still, his work wasn't done yet. He needed to set up his his cameras and mics before he left. It took him about an hour before he felt satisfied with his placement of the devices. Klauss risked one more look at Amy before he left her apartment. He considered her statuesque build; how her trim waist seemed to blossom into the wonderful bosom that he had allowed himself to enjoy while he made love to her. He remembered how perfect he thought her ass was and how good it had felt in his hands. Guilt gnawed away at him as he considered how all those perfect features would soon be covered in layers of fat because of what he had done.
Klauss' mind was swimming with questions when he finally made himself leave; the most prevalent being how big Amy would inevitably become.
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