Love And Pizza

Chapter 1

Tony's Pizza Shack is where I work. I've worked there for more than a year now and I seen more than my fair share of customers five days a week all with the same expression of let me order and leave me alone. Nobody said this would be the perfect job. I work at the counter taking orders and making the occasional pizza when business was slow. I learned how to hone my pizza making skills thru Mike the owner of the place. Mike was kind enough to let me eat free as well as teaching me his art of pizza. My specialty was making the stuff crust pizza and to my surprise was usually the hot item to get. I only make three of them a shift but I always save four slices for my favorite customer.

Out of all the girls I've seen come in she was by far the best out of all of them. I've always had a thing for short bbws, being short myself at 5'2 I estimated she was about 5'0. Her name is Dani. She has long black hair and the cutest brown eyes I have ever seen. Her body was a sight to behold as well. Nice chubby arms, watermelon sized boobs, an overflowing belly that always poked out a little bit at the bottom of her shirt exposing her belly button and a nice plump rump. I never really took notice at first but every time I was working and she would past by she would turn and come in with a very happy smile that to me lit up the room. She always walks up to the counter and tries to lean over showing off her cleavage as her shirt rides up a little bit always letting me look but never touch. Smiling she looks me at and says " Hey the usual please" meaning the four slices of stuff crust pizza that I save for her. "You got it" was all I could muster because every time I try to talk to her I get nervous and smile like an idiot. She always notices and lets out a small giggle as we both wait and try to chat as the pizza heats up in the oven. I make sure to over stuff hers as to me she gets special treatment for obvious reasons. Finally the slices are ready to come out with cheese oozing out of the crust and on the sides of the slices. I hand them to her and she gives tries to give me full price for it but I shrug it aside and tell her don't bother it's on the house as always then quickly turn around once again not trying to let my nervousness be shown. Mike looks at me and laughs because I never let her pay and he doesn't mind at all because he thinks we're dating. Boy would that laugh turn vicious if he knew that I barely know her.

As she sits down at the table across from the counter facing me she looks at me and smiles as she shoves half the slice into her mouth and moans a little bit to show me that I once again have done a good job on my specialty. While she's eating I begin to wonder how much I actually know about her. From the times I've spoke to her and listened to everything she's said she into a lot of music I prefer and video games as well. We talk about movies and tv that we've seen or want to. She's into knitting and I always joke I'm waiting for her to come in with socks for me and she lets out an infectious giggle.

I shake myself out of day dreaming and serve the next customer. I go to take a quick glance at her but she already finished the four slices I've given her and she lets out a small burp and a wink she rubs the bottom of her belly. I shoot her a half smile kinda upset that I missed her eating she walks over and slides a folded napkin to me. "Don't throw it away, look at it when your free." She said with another burp followed up as she began to walk away. "Same time tomorrow?" she smiled and walked out the door with her hand on her butt and just like that she was gone. I thought to myself as I unfolded the napkin that I don't work tomorrow and how could she know that? Her number was written on it saying it's about time we get to know each other better and she knew I was too nervous to ask. After looking at that my nervousness was raised to a whole new level....
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