chapter three the trip to the farm

After waking from the 2 hours passing out, I found me self seating in a very soft, big and comfortable bed, which was in a nice big room, which also had a big sofa, bright colored curtains, a small table with a couple of chairs, a tv-hifi-dvd-stereo equipment, and a couple of very nice paintings and a small bar with water glasses, water bottles and a variety of excellent wines, whiskeys, vodka, beers and wow, a couple of high quality tequila bottles. It also had a variety of drawers and cabinets, with excellent clothing and shoes, whom fitted me perfectly; like as she knew what was me size of clothes, shoes and underwear..i took a long and refreshing shower, put some of the freshly ironed clothes, and served me some coffee (freshly brewed) and of excellent quality, ate a few sandwiches, and served me a glass of a really good Oporto wine (one of me all-time favorites), raised me glass and made a toast on behalf of me host. Whilst I was enjoying me Oporto and reading the news paper; the 500 pounder lady whom opened the door for me a few hours earlier, came into the room asked if all was fine and if I was pleased with the rooms facilities, I told her yes, and puzzled I asked how did ye managed to furbish the room with me styles of clothing, shoes, wine and liqueurs selection, like if I were in me own apartment in Venezuela?? She laughed and told me that the mistress, had visions of me before, knew all me style details and tastes, and knew what I would like most to have nearby. Even she provided me with some military and political and historical books, which I saw in a well extended book shelf, and some of me favorite cartoons and comics!! WOW!! It was like I was in another dimension, planet.
When she saw that I was really pleased, she smiled at me, with a very sweet, sensuous, seductive, sexy voice and she said that there was still another surprise waiting for me. What was it, I asked; she answered this is a small video of me mistress doing something that you will see in person tomorrow morning. Puzzled I asked, what was the video about, and she turned the dvd player on and....WOW!!! I saw her swallowing at least 3 of the biggest turkeys I have ever seen, each of them I guessed weighed at least 100 pounds!! And when she dispatched the giant turkeys, she decided to go for a huge pig, at least 400 pounds. She opened her mouth really wide and swallowed the huge beast in minutes, then she let out the biggest and loudest belch I have heard in years!! When she saw that me pecker got stiff as a pole, she devilishly smiled, and with a husky voice told me, that her mistress told that you would react like that, and that she (the 500 pounder) would be her gift to me, and that she was to please you, and be yours the whole night.. And with an agility and grace of a ballerina, she took out all her clothes and...WOW! KAPOW! BOOM!!..She was upon me in seconds, engulfing me with her massive belly and breasts, pinning me down with her frame, and making wild love for me the whole night!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFF!!!!!!
After the whole night of love making, I finally slept, and more or less at 5 am, I woke for a few secs and she disappeared. At 7,30 she brought me coffee, orange juice, and a very good breakfast. She appeared lovely and sharp, with no side effect of the previous night. She told me that I was going to the mistress farm, one hour driving south of the city, and meet the mistress there, where she would show me more of her gorging and swallowing capabilities. I took a quick shower, dressed up with some nice clothes, ran downstairs, and saw the mistress car with a small suitcase close to it..whose suitcase is that I asked, the 500 pounder said,it was mine,with selected clothes for me. Deeply humbled I thanked her, she told me to step in, and she sat at the wheels, and as quick as lightning we zoomed through the rural areas, until we reached the farm.
A very lovely farm it was, located in a very lovely rural area, with lots and lots of lovely green areas, and with white painted fences pinpointing the farms perimeter. A small forest and a couple of streams were inside the farms perimeter, which I liked, because I like to fish from time to time, she said the fishes were quite good and easy to catch. Whilst walking to the farm main house, I saw some of the biggest turkeys, pigs, horses and cows I have ever seen. I couldn't believe what I saw, very big in the sense of the word they were. After cleaning me self from the voyage, and after having had a couple of ice cold beers, I was directed to one of the barns, and there I saw her, sitting in a comfortable chair, waiting for me.. When she saw me, her sparkling green eyes, opened wide and sparkled more and more, her soft feminine voice, greeted me with a sweet hi, hello, welcomed to me farm. Take a seat, and get ready for a very special show, I will do specially fer ye, she told me.
Baffled, surprised and confused, I did as I was told, took a seat, asked for a beer, and the girl offered me, and offered her mistress a whole small barrel of beer; and then the amazing show began. First she swallowed a 5o pounds turkey, then she got one of 80, gone as quick as lightning, and then she asked for the big ones, at least 100 pounds of massive beast. She grabbed one by its neck, opened her mouth really wide put bird in it, closed mouth and swallowed it in a single gulp..her belly began expanding, and her appetite grew and her greediness too..
She commanded me and her maid, to grab one turkey each, put the 2 birds in, and then 2 birds more. We did as ordered, and she swallowed the 4 birds simultaneously in minutes. I was absolutely stunned, me eyes popped out of the sockets; when suddenly a very loud belch woke me up and brought me back to reality. She commanded us to put this time 6 birds, we did so; then she ordered to put 10, then 14, then 18, then we did, and when she swallowed the batch of 20 birds, my mind went loco, and I passed out for a few hours.
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I guess Noah's Ark would have just been a light snack, huh.