chapter 1 the meeting

How and where to start?? It aint easy, so lets start slowly. My name is Carlos Francisco, and I am from Venezuela, South America. Since I was very young, I was always attracted to huge women with massive bellies, breasts, butts and a gigantic appetite; that feeling was on me since me ealy teens, but it really blossomed when I reached 24 years.
Fat women have always caught me attention, and whenever I saw a huge woman, I got aroused as quick as lightning. Also when I saw natural documentaries of snakes swallowing meals at least 3 or 4 times their size, I also got aroused; and thinking of a woman that could swallow entire things without chewing, like pineapples, watermelons or pumpkins, and got gigantic in size..WOW! INSTANT ERECTION!! And if such a woman could exist, and swallow bigger things like pizzas, cakes, chickens, turkeys, etc I would be in heaven!! The ultimate feeders dream!!
One day whilst browsing the web, I found a very cool site, of whose name I shall not name, but somehow depicted stories of such themes, like women eating big things, or other animals doing the same, and I liked it. That was wow, incredible how could they got such imagination?? Awesome, I said within me self, and I thought I was loopy?? There are other folks too..
I was chatting one day, with a cool friend of mine, and he said he had a friend that was huge, massively fat, with a gigantic belly and an even gigantic appetite; and he said that she could swallow whole things like watermelons, pumpkins and even very big turkeys. Astonished with such news, I decided to ask her name, and if see if we could chat, he put me in contact with her, and we soon started chatting
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!! She was amazing, and told me incredible adventures of her gorging events, and as she spoke, me pecker got hard as a pole, because she was the realization of all me wildest dreams came alive..If I could have such a gorging massive woman, feed her, rub her massive belly and listen to her belly sounds, and have sex with her and knock her constantly up, with dozens of babies each time ,I would be indeed in heaven!! Such ideas came constantly and continuously on me mind, making me each day hornier and hornier each day, wanting me to make all the efforts possible so as to visit her, finally meet her, and feed her to the brim, with chickens, turkeys, and I decided to add something special to the list. Whole roasted pigs in barbeque style!!Just for her and her massive growing belly!! I never realized, that me dreams could become so true and so soon...
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