Magic Man 2

Chapter 1 - and yet another day

The mysterious man known only as the Magic Man; he appears only where he is attracted to. He's never in one place too long and likes to have his fun...

MM was working at the local Donut shop known as Dick's Donuts. It's a medium sized local franchise that specialize in starbucks quality coffee, with great fresh donuts of all kinds.

There IS a reason for this of course... MM Knew the sweet treats would attract all sorts of women. Most people come for the donuts, but you know how women love their coffee. Work there long enough and you can see the regulars.
That one old guy who always comes for his cup of Joe in the morning, and his single sugar donut. The group of little league baseball players this season who always come to celebrate from the local school. And of course, The ladies who just love to scarf down those donuts.

One in particular caught his eye. She had copper colored hair and fair skin. Not so fair as blind you immediately, but just enough to glow in normal light. No freckles or moles to speak of. She had a gorgeous face with a little roundness to the cheeks.
She was not what one would call fat, but she definitely had an hourglass shape coming on. She was probably in the 140-150LB judging by the look of it.

She shows up multiple times a week (each on MM's shift) and each time orders a dozen donuts and a cup of coffee made with Vanilla, Caramel, and hazelnut (large of course).
Each time she would get a few napkins and sit down for a bit, eat 1 or 2 while sipping on her coffee, and stare out of the window into the traffic. Across the street there was a park, one could find themselves staring that way a bit if you had a wandering mind.
The noticeable thing is she mostly comes in alone. Very rarely she comes in with a mixed group, usually a gay friend and another female friend gathering for coffee and of the Macadamia Donuts (Yes, Macadamia DONUTS).
Other then that she came alone more often then not.

She was chosen. MM marked her. He has big plans for this one. She was too gorgeous to pass up. Time to do what he does best.
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Fatlilboy 10 years
Soooooo friggggin creative!!! LOVE this story. More....more.....magical, mystical fattening....delicious!