Mission: Insatiable

Chapter 1

*The moment would soon be here,* Gina thought to herself.

The crowning glory of all pig outs. Gina's plan to have the factory floor of the Hostess cake factory all to herself for hours and hours thrills her to no end. As she sits and jiggles her hulking and bulging 520 pound FAT body on the bus to the factory, her excitement and hunger begins to soar. The plan is to get into the factory via the Food Sciences class trip there. Once inside, there are many storage rooms to slip into for hiding. In one of these rooms, Gina will wait until the end of the shift. Then with her PDA, she will infect the security systems with a virus. The only officers are stationed outside at the gate, so the virus will scramble the signals slightly enough to hide her while not revealing the scramble itself.

Gina is currently attending graduate school to get her masters in geology. When she heard about this class trip on the website, she knew that she had to go.

Gina has always been on the chubbier side, and in high school lost a good deal of weight, but yo-yo'ed up and down until college. College was a revelation to Gina...or a revolution in gluttony. What became the 'freshman 75' certainly did not stop there. The habits she picked up in those two semesters set Gina on the path of non stop snacking and compulsive binge eating. On top of that was all of the partying, the countless red bull vodkas, keg stands, funnels, beer pong, etc.

Needless to say, the years have inflated Gina like a swollen balloon from high school at 5 foot 5 inches 180 lbs. to present day 520 lbs. The way Gina's attitude is, it is almost like she never even noticed it pile on.

The bus slows down to make a turn into the factory lot. Gina can already smell the twinkies. Heaven.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Prof. Davies announces,"please exit the bus in an orderly fashion, and remember the safety policies we learned about earlier."

The students line up outside to don their hard hat, gloves, and coats. The tour conductors look confused as they give big Gina the once over. One of them quickly shuffles through the closet and pulls out a much larger coat and walks over to Gina.

"Here you are miss," he says to her.

"Thanks," says Gina as she wiggles to stretch the front of the coat out in an attempt to button it up, which goes easier than she thought. Still, the XXL coat settles on her like a snug tiny white circus tent. The button line rises and falls along her cavernous cleavage down over her giant round belly.

"Okay folks, if you follow me, we will enter the front control room."

The group follows the conductor inside.

"Here, the entire factory process is controlled by these racks and mainframes. Every aspect of production can be accessed and modified here in this room."

He walks towards a contol panel.

"Like this, watch this live monitor feed of the factory floor. That is the twinkie filling conveyor belt. If a twinkie or twinkies gets stuck, I can hit this button and it will stop the belt and lower the cream fillers so the ball joints can reset properly. Even the machines have smart appendages, such as the cream nozzle itself. It will not continue firing off cream, it has a censor to let cream out only when it contacts a physical object...i.e. the twinkie. More on this later. Let's go down to the basement spillage collection area."

The conductor leads the students down a long corridor with various side doors marked 'STORAGE.'

"Oh shit," Gina says to herself, anxious to miss this opportunity.

She slows down her pace and drops to the back of the group. There she can easily slip away un noticed.

Gina steps to the side into a small corridor leading to a storage room. She creeps inside and hides at the back behind all of the stacked palettes in the center of the room.

"What do we have here?" she says.

Marked on all of the palettes is the phrase 'MILK CHOCOLATE.'

An unexpected surprise greets Gina with all smiles.

"NO WAY!" Gina exclaims as she tears open a large package and rips off a huge chunk of pure milk chocolate.

"Unbelievable," she mutters with a full mouth as she stuffs the chocolate into past her lips.

Gina whittles the time away before the end of the shift stuffing her chubby face with chocolate. It would be very soon that she would have all of the Hostess cakes to herself. This would be a momentous realization of a recurring dream Gina has had for the past few years. Mintues go by, and the chocolate is vanishing deep within the gargantuan Gina.
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Bradypig 12 years
Please hurry!!! I need more!!!
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This is great! Don't leave us hanging! smiley
Bradypig 12 years
Oh wow!!\r\nThis is exactly like one of my fantasies!!\r\nPlease hurry and write more, it's such a wonderful beginning!!!
Balloon 12 years
Nice start!