My weight gain encounter part 3

Chapter 1 - heavier than ever before

So if you've read the other two parts to my personal experience with weight gaining you'll know ive been hesitant about gaining for a while despite my accidental weight gain. Well since I last updated I was 15 stone 5lbs. I went down to 15 stone again over uni but in the final two weeks gained 12lbs!! Making me 15 stone 12bls the heaviest ive ever been. So ive decided at this point I should either gain or loss. For encouragement ive opened a youtube channel CoUpGA of my gaining progress as I feel its good encouragement.
So any since my sudden increase in weight during my final three weeks at uni I have just pigged out. The stress of trying to finish just made me resort to comfort food both for quickness and convenience. Add to this the lack of exercise for the first time in a while the weight piled on. Everyday for three weeks I was wearing my shorts and t shirts making my weight gain difficult to spot. I was just snacking working snacking working. The end result was inevitably a nice round gut but rounded and softer than ever before. But to my amazement I never even noticed for a second time. I thought after the first weight gain I would be more conscious of it happening again but nope. I never believed people before when they say they didn't even know they'd put weight on but its true you really don't if you don't pay attention.
So anyway Id handed in my final piece of work and then spent the day in bed eating pizza and snacks and sleeping ready for the final year party the next night. And it was only during the night a few hours before the party I realised something was different again. Having to wear normal clothes for the first time in three weeks makes all the difference. Because I hadn't done any washing (being a lazy student) I was down to a pair of jeans and a grey thin cotton t shirt (already on the tight side to begin with). Trying to wrestle with the jeans was impossible, I could get them over my butt but they would not button all the way to the top. In the end I had to settle with the second to last but even then they were tight around the hips and crotch. Standing in the mirror I could see my small love handles form over the tight jeans. Everything was then made worse once I put the cotton t shirt on. It did nothing to hide my new added weight especially around my belly and pecs (well if you can still call them that). The cotton hung to my rounded belly giving it more definition. It also hung off the edge of my nipples which know look like two soft peaks instead of rounded hard pecs. And everytime I walked up and down past the mirror everything would giggle ever so slightly. As I kept doing it I was getting aroused which was far from comfortable in tight jeans but still enjoyable. The last blow was when I went to shave. Once again I hadn't shaven in weeks so I had a full beard by this time but once I took everything off I was shocked at how different my face look. No denying it there was a double chin and a permanent one. It had been threating at 15.5 but at 15.12lbs it is fully development.
So know I have to mingle at the party which was taking place in the house I was staying at. I have to say I did feel very uncomfortable as its very unnatural for me at this point. And it didn't take long before the first friend who was quite drunk to say
"Hey how you doing?"
Me "not bad".
Friend "not been getting to the gym?" He said whilst slapping my stomach. This scenario happened on two other occasions with other guys so I basically just laughed it off.
Being known throughout the year by everyone as an athletic guy (not trying to boast) it was kind of a turn on seeing some of the women I was friendly with react to my weight gain. One girl who at one point did like me was talking to me and just said
"so what going on here?" whilst looking down at my gut. Once again I had to laugh it off but I become turned on by her attention towards my weight.
As the night wore on and I became more intoxicated and bloated no doubt things were going fine until the a worst case scenario occurred. I had a girl just perking on my lap whilst I was sat on the edge of the couch. My jeans were extra tight at this point and not remembered I quickly went to move the girl off my knee jokingly by rocks back and forth and as I did so my second button popped off. And worst of all she saw it but quickly looked away. At the very end of the night was I was tidying the room ready to sleep and I just stripped down to my unbuttoned jeans. I caught myself in the mirror again and became extremely aroused at my softening body.
I was this that has made me want to continue gaining. But I feel I would enjoy it more with the encouragement of other feeders
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