Nancy and Dean

Chapter 1

Dean watcher her from one of the many monitors, still unconcious from the chlorofoam the man he had hired to kidnap her. Standing, she was 5'4, 116 pounds, with thick brown hair, 36C breasts, dressed in the same loose t-shirt, sports bra and jogging shorts she had been wearing on her morning run two days ago.

"Her" was Nancy Weigl. He'd planned, and thought about doing this for years now, ever since high school. Dean and Nancy had been friends, although he had wished for more. She'd been rather unremarkable at the time, the new girl in school that no one noticed, plump and short with her moussy brown hair. Her family had moved when her father was re-assigned, and lived on the military base nearby, as had happened often up to that point. Dean had been the proverbial loner, and when the two had become friendly after being assigned as a team for one school project or another, he couldn't remember

anymore, he thought strangely.

What he did remember is how much he had liked her, and how insecure she had been that first year. He had tried to reassure her, to bolster her confidence whenever he could, which was all tied into her

appearance. She was cute, her short brown hair framed her face, and while she was definetly plump, she was curvy and had a very nice pair of boobs, but all she could see was that she was short and

overweight. As a last ditch effort, after words had failed, he had convinced her to start excersizing with him that summer break, he had wanted her to be happy, even though he had been completely happy with her appearance. And it worked, at first.

That summer, they jogged almost every day, they biked several times a week, and the swimming pool was Dean's favorite, for obvious reasons, although Nancy never wore any of the more revealing bathing suits he had hoped, even as she slimmed down. It turned out she actually enjoyed being active, rarely having friends to do things with due to her family moving around so much, and her weight started dropping, and over the course of the two and a half month break she dropped from a pleasent 158 to 126. She was feeling great, and her worries turned to nothing as she slimmed down her boobs stayed relatively the same size.

As it does every year, school came again, and the two shared no classes this year, Dean returning to his anti-social ways away from Nancy. Nancy on the other hand, had become more popular, blooming so to speak. She kept up her daily running, occasionally on the weekends with Dean, and spent more time on her looks and clothes. She always smiled or waved when they passed in the halls. She also always had

a small group of friends around her it seemed now, mostly male. It might have had to do with joining the cheerleading squad.

As time went on, the smiles and waves stopped, as did the growningly infrequent running sessions. She had become out of his league, and his few times he had worked up the courage to make some kind of advance, had been rebuffed. She had discovered all the nice things the boys would do, to be around her, and while she never slept around, she sure let on that she would. What had been the breaking point for Dean had been a school dance, not even the prom, in the last year. He hadn't gone, not that he had anyone to go with. He spent the evening working at his part time job at the gas station in town. Nancy and her date (and, it turned out, future husband) pulled up at the station, drunk. Dean didn't like to remember that evening, even though it fueled his revenge for years to come. The things she'd said when her date pointed him out, well, he couldn't bring himself to repeat them.

But now, she was here. And he wasn't the loser anymore, infact he had been rather succesfull, applying all his free time towards school and part time jobs, then a research position. While he wasn't rich, he was well off. Well off enough to get someone kidnapped, at least.

He surveyed the blue room one last time. A bed, bolted to the floor, with a pillow, but no sheets or blanket. There was a TV in the wall, a large sofa type chair also bolted to the floor, two doors, one

smaller than the other, that she would discover what were for when the time came, and a large metal table, padded all around, and several air vents, with cameras. He had spent a lot of money building this

room for her, and she was going to be spending six months here.
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Champ 6 years
great story!
Karenjenk 7 years
being sub by nature.... I loved this. totally.
Laser 14 years!
Mtlfan 14 years
For those of you looking for more, i'll have something new up later tonight, several hours from now.
Mtlfan 14 years
Like I said, I don't know if I'll continue this or write something else in the same style, it really depends on my mood.

As for the unhappy comment: It's a fantasy. I like control and humiliation, and guessing from the view count, so do quiet a few others. I could go on for hours on the how/why of it, but I doubt this is the place for that.

And for those of you liked it, in comments or in private message, thank you. Comments are always useful.

And yes, I have RP'd occasionally, again something that depends on my mood, i'll probably post an MSN or AIM name in my profile.
BS Writer 14 years
That would be great. I really want to see more of this.
Mtlfan 14 years
I don't know if I'll write more on this, the first thing I'd do is correct some of the formatting later. I thought of it as a start to end thing, though I could go on with how life is "after", instead of writing something else.
14 years
is there more coming?
BS Writer 14 years
This might be the best story I've read on this site, though I can't help but want a chapter with people reacting to her.
Fatlilboy 14 years
I LOVE revenge stories. It was hot!
Maximum 14 years