Ngwongwo, the fattening room girl

Chapter 1

Mala watched as the beautiful red ribbons, decorated with traditional woven grass and beadwork were tied around her upper arms. Already a tight decorative skirt was secured snugly around her middle. Her lean belly was full of nervous butterflies as she prepared herself to be paraded around the traditional village of her soon-to-be husband Tyger.

When Mala had been promised to Tyger see knew that it was very likely that the family would expect and demand that she go through “Ngwongwo” .

She was to become a “fattening room girl”.

This practice has its roots in the time before history in tribal culture in Nigeria. A fat young woman shows the wealth and status of her family, and a husband is greeted with his newly fattened women after she had spent up to two years in seclusion gaining a well-rounded form.

Mala was slender- long shapely legs, a tiny waist, perky breasts and a round but small bottom. She was 22 already and long past the time of traditional fattening, but she was bright and had spent extra time in school and working as a teacher. Mala was glad that modern sensibilities had made intelligence and education another prime factor in a young women’s desirability. But now the time had come. Tribal wear intact, but otherwise naked she was led by elder female relatives out into the village.

At first, all around her people pressed in, pinching her flat belly and calling her a “slim princess” a terrible insult. Then as she was led closer and closer to the fattening room they started to tell her how beautiful she would look when her belly was soft and round, and her bottom large and fleshy. Mala blushed and tried to overcome the overwhelming feelings that were had to describe. She was so relieved when she reached the “hut” and was led inside by a beautiful woman in her mid 30’s named, Nyana. Nyana was round and fat, a thick waist and a well-rounded belly were her constant adornments. A distant cousin Nyana was in charge of the fattening and would be held accountable if the desired results were not achieved.

The door closed on the beautifully decorated hut and Nyana asked Mala to be seated on a reclining bench, covered with soft rugs and pillows.

The first tray was brought forth. A tray with enough food for two normal days was set in front of Mala. Her eyes grew large and she felt a slight panic as she realized she was to eat the whole tray. With gentle cooing Nyana handed the first steaming bowl of a starchy pudding, rich with butters and sweeteners. The bowl felt heavy in Mala’s hands, but she found that she easily eat the large bowl. The warm rich food calmed her belly and she felt a sense of ease coming over her. She had nothing to do over the next 10 months but relax, eat and get fat. No chores of any kind, no stressful occupations were allowed. Only to recline and eat dish after dish of the most delicious foods was expected of her. Mala felt a slow bliss radiate from her full belly.

Then Nyana arrived with three roast chickens. Mala felt fear in her again. Three whole chickens! They can’t all be for her. Nyana assured her that this was the standard menu for the first day of fattening and that Mala would succeed in eating all the lovely food as was expected of her. While Nyana spoke encouragements she pulled the chicken from the bone, placing each rich bite into Mala’s hands.

After the first whole bird Mala squirmed uncomfortably. Her belly tight and round against the traditional grass skirt tied around her waist. Nyana saw her discomfort and untied the traditional decoration. Mala felt a moment of relief, but soon was uncomfortable again as the third chicken had been fed to her. She had stopped even reaching for the food. Simply lying back against the pillows she opened her mouth obediently when Nyana brought another bite to her lips. She couldn’t think at all, her body was so stuffed, her belly so full she could not move for fear of pain. She slipped into a deep sleep.
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Bellyempire 12 years
i love it feederism in mainstream societies
Chubbybellygirl 12 years
Thanks for reading, I'll agree that what really happens can be terrible and can even include genital mutilation, totally not okay. On the other hand some of the articles I read in researching this woman tell of feeling like princesses and being well cared for Non the less this story is MY own fantasy of what I wish this was like. Completely fictional.
Maximum 12 years
Brilliantly done, I can't believe such a story hasn't been done before.
Fatlilboy 12 years
It was truly a great story! On the serious side, I only wish it were that joyful for the girls that actually are subjected to this, which some of them regard as torture. It was, however, well written and quite enjoyable as a fantasy writing, which is how it should be viewed.