Nick the Artist..

Chapter 1 - Dating BBW's..

There was this girl I was dating.. This story goes back 10 yrs ago.. to 2000.. we met shortly after the new year..she was a grand build.. all 5'-4" tall and 350 lbs.. she was mostly boobs and belly..(top heavy)and looked great..When we danced i loved feeling the fat popping out of her bra under her arms.. as i held her on the dance floor it was awesome at her sheer size and her ample breasts.. (got caught staring several times)she was very out going and smiled a lot.. when it got slow and the evening was dying down.. I sat next to her.. I wanted to hug her.. and as I did.. her whole body filled my arms.. that was an awesome feeling.. We decided to hang in my van.. we talked briefly.. fooled around.. and kissed.. the next day.. she came over my place.. she laid on my bed for a while.. with a friend over.. then shorty after they were getting ready to go.. she looked so awesome behind the wheel.. with that sexy fat role rubbing on the steering wheel.. we locked eyes and we both knew we'd see each other again.. when she moved in she was a tad controling but i was madly in love.. At first she wanted to take it slow but that lasted maybe 2 so before ya know we were have a very fulfilling sexual life.. and outside of "fooling around" we ate like pigs.. By time the 2 year mark ended our relationship.. she gained 100 pounds and i gained 50.. I was 300 entering the relationship.. ending the relationship I ballooned to 355 lbs.. "Lee" was 350 lbs entering the relationship.. and when it was over..she ballooned over 400 lbs.. She gained weight at the end because of depression.. I gained for the stress she gave me..and all the extra food/goodies in the house.. Would I go through it all again.. Your damn right.. Currently (12/16/2010) l'm 298 lbs.. l'm ready to date again..Ok l'm not at 500 words yet.. ok..My favorite part of this relationship was being brave enough to date a big girl and not care what anyone else thought of it..When I cared more for me than being a people pleaser.. nick was the guy that was truly happy..Another great time I had with "Lee" was when we had an above ground pool.. and when i held her in my arms she could wrap her legs around me.. and I could walk around holding her.. that was awesome.. there were times when she'd do a little dress up show of her sexy outfits.. and was she hot looking in the tight sexy lingere.. Then one day l'm passing by a pic of her and her brother and she was younger in the pic.. but not by much.. wearing black.. but she was much wider than how she looked at the time I was dating her.. So I go up to her.. and say.. hey you know the dusty picture in the hallway.. when was that? she took me to the hallway.. and pointed out it was only a few yrs back.. she had lost some weight since that pic was taken.. She claimed in the pic she was all of 25 yrs old and 500 lbs.. I didn't believe her.. so she digs up a video of her at someone's wedding.. she was correct.. she was practically wearing a moomoo of a elegant dress at a church.. and was very wide as well as protruding.. that was one great video of her..
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