Chapter 1

His name was Nicolas Walker. He often thought about how he would have preferred his last name to have been Romero, like his mothers. He didn't look like his father. He didn't even like his father; he hated living with the man.

His father's name was Paul. Paul Walker. He was white and much larger than Nicolas. His wife died a good ten years ago. His wife was Ofelia Romero.

Now she looked a great deal like her son. She had long, dark hair and light brown eyes. Her skin was a light caramel color and she had full lips. She stood only at 5'1 and was a slim woman. Her only son, Nicolas, was fortunate enough to at least grow to be 5'4, but weighing not much more than she had.

Nicolas was gay and his father never spoke of it. That was perfectly alright with Nicolas. His father frightened him. He was…well, frightening, at 6'2 and 200 pounds. His father never really spoke to him. He would stay in the television room most of the time after coming in from his job as a construction supervisor.

His father's best friend was an even larger man, who worked under him. His name was Hank Newton. He lived right next door with his wife and four sons, Hank Jr., Dean, Mike, and Sam.

Dean was a junior and sixteen, just like Nicolas. The two never really spoke much aside from the occasional hello. Dean would never want to be seen talking to Nicolas. Sure they had been friends in, like, kindergarten, but things were different then. They were only five. They had been kids.

Nicolas walked towards his locker. He saw his best, and only, friend Ricky leaning casually against an adjacent locker. Rick was really tall. He was 6'5, an inch taller than Dean, but incredibly slim. He looked even skinnier than Nicolas.

"What's up Nico?" Rick asked.

"Nothing much, just ready to go home," he replied.

"I know what you mean." Rick ran his fingers through his shaggy blond hair.

"We have a pop quiz in US History," he said to Rick. US History and Chemistry were the only two classes they didn't have together. He always gave Rick a head's up when he could. Rick wasn't the best in school and could use all the help he could get.

"Thanks," he said beaming at him. "I guess I should go read that chapter." Nico sighed as they walked off towards study hall.

Nico saw Hank Jr. as he hurried off to study hall. Hank Jr. was a senior. He thought it was Dean, but he quickly realized his mistake. Dean didn't have a belly like his brother or father did. To be honest Dean was the only one in his house to NOT be a bit overweight.

They all had the same black hair and blue eyes. The Newton's could definitely be identified as a family. Nico thought how Hank Jr. was definitely the cutest. He liked a bit of meat on a guy. "God, let's go Nicolas," Ricky said exasperatedly.

"What?" he asked quickly.

"We're gonna be late...what are you looking at?" asked Rick. "Is it Mrs. Appleton? I know, I saw what she was wearing too, it's awful." Nicolas laughed nervously and Rick joined in oblivious to what he had actually been looking at.

"No, I...never mind. Let's go." They ran the last hallway to room 307 and made it just as the bell rang. It is one thing to get a detention for being late to a real class, but to get one for being late to study hall really fucking sucks. They took their seats and Rick hastily read the chapter. Nico just gazed out the window, embarrassed still from his lustful stares.
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Lol! Of course not. Some stories people just don't like, I totally get that. ^^