Chapter 1 - the begining

I was just starting collage and was looking forward to life on campus; I had the cutest little two bedroom apartment, shared with my best friend Li An.
When I started out my first semester, we did a lot of partying and drinking, but my metabolism was fast and my figure slender, I didn't think all the beer and fast food would catch up with me at all.
Second semester begun, I was starting to get the tiniest little belly, but I really didn't mind it, as I was still a size small, first week went by in a jiffy, Li An was doing most of the cooking whilst I did most the cleaning, I started to realize I tended to over eat as her food was amazing, but clueless told myself tai food was really healthy, right?
There was this really cute girl who had asked me out, tiny waist, big breasts, and wide hips, perfect bubble but and killer legs, she was so sexy I said yes without thinking, couldn't bare saying no to that adorable face either. So I was getting ready for our date, and found that my favorite black dress was showing of my tiny newly formed gut, it was so tight I was afraid it would pop if I'd eat like I normally did, but she was at my doors, so I put on my coat and hoped for the best.
When we arrived at the restaurant I shyly took of my coat and sat down with her, I couldn't help but notice she gave a little glance at my midsection, but with a tiny smile on her face and longing in her hazel eyes.
We ordered our food and vine, and started making up small talk, her name is Ally, she's a dancer, explains the killer body, I told her I was majoring in psychology, while we got to know each other better, we ate.....lost in the conversation and nervously holding her hand, I forgot all about my obscenely tight dress, until she ordered double layer cheese cake for desert, and my dress far painfully withholding my bloated belly.
I couldn't face ripping my dress, but she kept on insisting I'd eat the cheese cake with her.
feeding each other spoon by spoon, which seemed to be mostly entering my mouth the cake disappeared.
We headed to my place as Li An was at her boyfriend's house, my dress was dangerously close to bursting at the seams, I was quite uncomfortable in it, so when we got home I told her I'd change into something more comfortable.
When I got to my bedroom I remembered that lingerie dress from my trip to Paris, so I decided on that, but the only trouble was the dress was so tight I couldn't get out of it.
She came in to the bedroom and came up behind me slid her hands around my belly and caressed it, she whispered in my ear that she'd help me out of that dress, slowly she began unzipping the sipper, towing the dress up, I had no time for that dress, don't get me wrong I'm not the kind of girl who has sex on the first date, but we just couldn't help us.
I'd never had such an amazing sex ever, none of my girlfriends had come close to this. She went down on my but kept rubbing my swollen belly while she was fingering and licking me, I rolled her over and took over, she moaned loudly and pulled me closer. We ended up ***ing all night.
Sara and me were pretty much a couple after that, couldn't keep out hands of each other even if we'd wanted to. We became madly in love in rather short period of time, and Li An really liked her too, she as good as lived with us so that was important to me.
Li An was thrilled to see that her cooking was affecting Nita, she flew past small into medium, and I loved it, but I cannot say I wasn't a bit jealous, what if Li An was into her, I had to know so I took the opportunity when Nita had to study to take Li An out shopping, we stopped at a café to eat, I asked her how things were with her and her boyfriend, she confessed she wasn't happy, he was too skinny to her liking, I realized she was an FA like me, so I asked if she had any feeling towards Nita, which she did not, we came up with a plan to make Nita and Carl gain without their suspicion.
Nita of course knew I found her tiny belly sexy but she had no idea I prefer really plum, but the soft figure was expanding much to my liking.
Li An started to invite Carl over for dinner every night, and I bought bigger dishes, we coned them into eating a little more every time, in the end of the October we needn't worry about their apatite, they were already eating 3 times what they normally did, and although it showed more on Carl, I noticed Nita's body change, he butt starts to fill out a bit, her boobs got a little bigger and she formed a tiny muffin top, whilst Carl's increased apatite effected only his butt and belly, he formed a cute bubble but and nice round beer belly.
Li An is, like me, thin and athletic, although I have a hourglass figure, she found her changing boyfriend much to her liking, the best part was he didn't mind his growth at all.
I wasn't as lucky, Nita was beginning to notice hew body expanding, and wasn't all that happy about it, I shook it of, saying she was just perfect, which worked for a while.
Carl was getting pretty big by the end of November; he was never thin to begin with, Carl and I had never been happier together. I absolutely adored his big round belly, is looked as if he'd swallowed a beach ball, I had already told him about me being an FA, and he confessed he'd only been keeping I shape for me.
our sex life was amazing and usually began with me feeding him till he was about to burst, and followed by more eating.
I had noticed Nita had started to eat less and stopped gaining, so I gave her a little push, I owed Sara that much, so I made her protein shakes and told her they were sliming and increased burning, when drunk with meals.
It seems like I cannot stop gaining, those fat-burn shakes don't work and I cant stop eating, when school started I was about 90 pounds, I had gained 18 about the freshmen 15....
Sara seems to like it though, and I am still slim enough, I'm just a size medium, how bad can that really be?
Christmas arrived and I went home to mom and dad, she commented on my figure, told me that I looked good, but should watch my weight, or else I might get fat.
I told her about my new girlfriend and asked if I could invite her to stay for the summer if we'd still be together, they were exited to meet her, they'd never had a trouble with my being gay.
I did put on 3 more pounds over christmass, and I noticed my medium clothed weren't as loos any more.
I was back at school 7th of January, I couldn't wait to see Sara, she was somewhat distant at first, but everything went back to normal after I asked if she was upset with my weight gain, it turned out she was unhappy about my obsession with my weight, that she felt I worried too much.
In the end of January my weight went sky rocketing to 130 pounds, even though I'm rather tall it still is quite a lot. But then again I promised Sara I wouldn't worry about my body so much, but surely she didn't like me this pudgy.
We went out to the restaurant we went on our first date at, and she ordered me a 3 course meal, and told me if I'd finish id get a reward later, as I forced down that last bite the button of my shorts popped off and the zipper flew down, I was mortified, but Sara was so turned on by our strange little game I forgot my accident soon, I wonder if she's into dominating sex? Or maybe she just likes control.
We got so drunk later that night and I barely remember it, but I know that when I woke up I was covered in chocolate icing and so hung over all that I could think of was to grab a bite.
Sara and I went to McDonalds and I shamelessly ordered to big mac meals and extra fries, while she said she was to hung over to eat anything but salad.
January went by and I dared not step on the scales, Carl had nearly doubled in size and I was worried I had gained quite a lot myself.
Carl was getting really big, although his belly was still perfectly round his frame was filling out all over, plus hit gut rested in all his lab now, but somehow Le An found a way to sit in there too, curled around his belly, she loved his new body, while I loved mine too, I was in total denial of it.
I knew my belly was betting big, filling out every shirt I owned, most were starting to slide up, I told myself that while I didn't have rolls I weren't that fat, and chubby can be sexy, Sara admitted she likes Chubby.
I think I need new clothes I told Sara, my t-shirts don't fit me anymore, to put emphasis on my words I pointed at my belly which was peeking out under my t-stretched t-shirt.
she just bent down and gave it a gentle squeeze, then kissed it, looked up and told me to hold on to those for a little longer, but buy new one for public use.
Sara and I fought at launch, she thought I was blaming my weight gain on her, which is kind of true, but I only meant to ask her if she thought I had gone overboard.
I sat and ate some egg noodles Li An made for me at lunch, my shorts were open and my shirt completely reveling my big belly, round and taut, having already eaten two pounds of it, I continued, I was going to finish, which I weight, 3 pounds, 2 liter coke to down it with, Carl had alredy eaten his 4 pounds og noodles and big garlic bred, Le An and him already gone to her room, I sat there and ate by myself.
I always eat when I'm upset these days, and when I'm happy, stressed....***...I'm always eating, and I ***ing love it.
Sara comes home, and sees me siting in the sofa, my belly is so swollen I have to part my legs so it will fit comfortably, which it doesn't really, I'm so bloated I'm in pain.
She rushes to me and begins massaging my belly, after getting lotion from her purse, it's such a relief I let out a big belch and begin to moan rather loudly.
My belly is to full for me to move without pain ripping through me so we just sit for hours and she rubs lotion soothingly on my beach ball belly.
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BellyFondler 11 years
Good ideas, but at times confusing storyline and poor spelling
Chubbybellytoy 11 years
very confusing, names keep changing. couldnt keep the story lines.