Of Being Insatiable

chapter 1

I woke up to my third day of stuffing in a row. Walking downstairs I could feel the residual bloat in my belly from the day before. It was bouncing and jiggling at the same time and felt a lot heavier than usually.

I wasn't hungry, but I never was in the morning. That didn't stop me from having tub of creamy yogurt and a piece of chocolate. It tasted good though and felt wonderful sliding down to my tummy. After my little breakfast my belly felt maybe slightly more distended and heavy, but that was all. I had a feeling I would really go for it today. I had been briefly full the day before, but it had given me the urge to go for more.

So I did. I had another breakfast about an hour later. A nice big sandwich and some more chocolate. It was rather nice again, but did nothing to fill me up. I wanted more.

At the office my quite new size 18 pants felt much tighter than normally, the only sign I could feel of my two breakfasts. I could feel my ass and breasts jiggle so much more than just six months ago. I knew things were spiralling out of control, but I was very close to being addicted to eating by now.

It was hard to concentrate on work. My hands kept finding their way to my rounded out tummy. Ooh it was getting so big lately. Especially after stuffing myself on purpose for two days in a row. I could feel my gut press against the waistband of the pants and then swell past it, creating a muffin top that then pressed against my shirt. It was really starting to be impossible to hide my gain. My belly was very visible no matter how much I sucked it in.

My boss asked me to join him to an early lunch. I wasn't hungry, not even a bit, but my heart started racing from the thought of food. The desire to feed my belly bigger and fuller was stronger than mere hunger would be anyway. I wanted to feel gorged to the gills with fattening food and hunger had very little to do with that. I eagerly accepted the invitation and followed him to the downstairs cafeteria feeling my heavy belly jut out and slosh up and down oh so arousingly. I had to bite my lip and think of hour reports and project plans to keep my panties from getting wet this early in the day. Good thing I had a few spare panties in my purse.

I loaded my plate with two big kebab sticks with big chunks of barbequed chicken and vegetables, a big pile of mixed salads and loads of sour cream sauce. To my delight there was ice cream for dessert so I loaded the cup full and drowned it in sauce. I hated that the food was so healthy and not very fattening, but I had to keep up appearances although it must be so obvious now that I'm getting really tubby.

I practically inhaled the food while chatting with the co-workers. For being healthy food, it was surprisingly good and it was going down as if I hadn't eaten all day. I could feel my belly swell in size as it eagerly accepted the food, but there wasn't even a hint of fullness there. Goodness I could put it away. I was feeling disappointed at not getting the oh so arousing full feeling yet, but at the same time I was already feeling aroused that I could put away this much food and not even feel full.

An hour later I noticed that someone had brought sweet pastries to the office. Innocently I grabbed one while passing them and munched at it while working. I ate it quite slowly so I wouldn't get attention from Angie or Beth who were sitting close to me. The 200 calorie pastry had no effect on me. How disappointing. I was starting to feel so desperate to finally feel my fat belly fill up that I started to plan leaving the office early and - just thinking about it made my loins tingle - have my second lunch.

I left the office at 2pm, only a few hours after my first hearty lunch, plus the pastry. I could feel my belly jutting out much further than usually and it was heavy, but not full. I wanted it full so badly!

I drove to the city center and ate a chocolate ice cream cone while driving. No effect. The creamy, fattening goodness slid down my throat, but I could feel no change in my fullness. I was starting to feel frustrated. I headed straight to my favorite italian restaurant and ordered a pacchetto pizza with chicken and mayo. Ooh it was soo good once it finally arrived. I ate the first half fast and hungrily.

Then finally I could feel the fullness come. It happened quickly as always. One moment I was full by any normal standard and suddenly one mouthful later I could feel my belly tighten a bit and extend ever so slightly on my lap as the food settled in. Now I was getting Full.

I loved the uncertain feeling of not knowing if I would be able to finish all of the dish or not. My pants were finally starting to feel a bit too tight for comfort. I murmured silently and quickly filled my mouth with more. The food didn't taste that special anymore, but it was filling me up and I could feel my nipples stiffen and brush against my one size too small bra cups.

Naturally I kept eating and soon it was clear I would be able to finish all of the pacchetto. Immediately my mind begun to wonder what to stuff my belly with next. I greedily forked the last few bites to my mouth and paid the bill. Then I slowly walked to the ladies room and immediately opened my pants, letting my visibly bigger belly jump out. I caressed it smiling and murmuring. Under the thickening layer of fat it was feeling tight, but I wanted more. I wanted to feel more stretched out, so full I was on the very edge of hurting.

I had to leave the top button open as my belly wasn't going back behind the button. Luckily I had gotten so fat lately that the pants held up just fine with one button open and my shirt covered the evidence of my gluttony.

I still hadn't decided on what to eat next. I knew I was going for more, but hadn't figured out what yet. Ice cream was always a safe choice. It tasted good and my belly was always eager to accept more of it. But it was oh so fattening. I was already fatter than ever before and I was going to get massive if I kept eating like this. But this thought was more like a whisper compared to the very loud voice that ushered me to keep eating. The feeling of fullness had been so brief. I had been almost too full to finish the meal, but now all I could think of eating more. I wanted to be able to admit I was so full I couldn't eat another thing.

Then I remembered the Ben & Jerry's shop close by. A cup of New York Super Fudge Chunk would surely fill me up. I walked there as quickly as my condition allowed, feeling my stuffed gut slosh sending sparkles to my moistening loins.

I had to bite my lip to stifle a small moan when I ordered the ice cream. I was getting very aroused now. The feeling of utter fullness was entirely gone now and I wanted more. I wanted more food inside me. And not just any food, it had to be delicious and fattening.

I sat down to an unstable cheap plastic table and almost lost my balance as I bent down to sit. My belly was getting in the way! And my *** was too wide for the chair, my cheeks flaring way past the edges of the chair. I had weighed 181 pounds the week before and I had probably gained a few pounds more from my constant binging the past few days.

I literally sucked down the ice cream, cursing myself for being stupid enough to order an ice cream with so much chunks I had trouble getting it in my mouth fast enough with the tiny plastic spoon. Suddenly the ice cream was all gone. I could feel my belly expand to make room for it, but I wasn't Full.

I stood up carefully, leaning back to support my heavy belly. I felt a bit dizzy, but also very frustrated. What was going on? It was as if I was turning literally insatiable. I felt a bit uncertain what to do next, but my wet pussy knew the answer already. I was going to eat more, of course. I shuddered a bit and started walking towards the nearby Pizza Hut. Surely I couldn't...I had already eaten so so much. Too much by any standards. But I wanted the overfull feeling and I was ready to go to any lengths to get there.
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Severino 11 years
Thanks for the comments. Those wishing for a longer story, I have good news: I have a much, much longer story in the works and is about 2/3 done.
Nitemech 11 years
Great story!
Nept13 11 years
Very nice story!