Orion's Gain

Chapter 1

Orion awoke on the morning of the harvest feeling lethargic and hungry, but he always was hungry. Everyone in the village was hungry. Only the nobles had enough to eat and Orion was no noble. He was born of the village jezebel without ever finding out who his father truly was.

It was obvious that he was different. He was tall, although lean, and had black hair. Black hair was uncommon in the village, for nearly everyone was blond. The king was blond, his wife was blond, and his three sons were blond. His black hair was seen as a sin. It was his sin to bear for being born a bastard.

Orion was only eighteen and his mother thirty four. She told him that his father was a nobleman from a faraway kingdom and that he was growing up to be twice as handsome. He hated thinking of his father, for he knew that his father had no idea he even existed.

His eyes were a dark green and he had tight, regal features. He had a prominent nose and thick brows. His arms were muscled, although thin. He liked to think he was handsome, but he looked nothing like anyone else. He was too different and felt ugly and unsightly.

His mother had taken ill and could not work. She had stopped her trade of prostitution when Orion was born and began to work as a laborer of petty jobs. She felt great shame for herself and for her son, whom she loved dearly. It was because of her, he was looked down upon.

Orion slipped on his sweater and woolen tights and made his way to the door. He had high hopes of making enough money for food on the day of the harvest. He walked down the street, people going out of their way to avoid him, and asked the baker if he needed any assistance.

The baker laughed, as did all the farmers, and the butcher. He had not found a single job. He feared his mother would be hungry and he berated himself for not being able to help her. He made his way back to the bakery. On the windowsill sat the first rolls of the harvest. He only needed two…

He reached out and grabbed one. No one saw. He quickly grabbed the second roll and stuffed it into the pocket of his sweater. He looked around nervously. The baker’s son stared back at him. He was frightened. Surely he would be arrested.

“I…I am sorry.” He said quickly. “Please show mercy on a mere bastard.” The baker’s son, a stocky blond, walked up to him and placed three more rolls in his hands.

“Go quickly, for my father will not show such kindness.” He thanked the baker’s son and ran quickly from in front of the shop window. He ran into a village knight and dropped two of his five rolls. He swiped them from the dirt quickly and blew on them.

“Stealing rolls eh?” Orion shook his head no. He learned not to speak in the presence of law enforcement. “You did, didn’t you?” He grabbed his arm and dragged him back through town to the bakery.

“Ivan! Ivan!” The baker peered his head out of the window the rolls had been taken from. “Did this bastard pay for five rolls? Did he?”

“Five!? He didn’t pay for one!” The baker’s face reddened angrily. “You dirty son of a whore!” Orion was taller than the knight, but he knew better than to try and escape. It was not his first offense. He had been caught stealing twice before.

He was to be taken to the dungeon to await trial before the king. His mother, Diore, cried and cried for she knew her son would be shown no mercy.
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Stevita 2 years
Just found this story and it's adorable!
MangaBL 4 years
I really liked how this story came out
GayVeganAbroad 12 years
Great stuff!
Fatfiction 12 years
Thanks everyone!!! And I do believe that Voltaire will get very upset smiley
Feedfig 12 years
Oh my god! I did not see the end of Ch 6 coming at all! I love it! Your stories are always so great! Seriously can't wait for more! Please continue!