Pledging to Grow Vol. 2

  By Slim

Chapter 1 - to pledge or to diet and exercise tough choice

As the chef brought in an enormous ice cream cake and the pledges were being served their slice by their mentors, including Hailey, she rubbed her stomach, trying to free up desperately needed space. It felt as though she had swallowed a rock on the inside, though she could feel nothing but softness on the outside, shocked that she was actually moving her flesh freely with her hand, with her abs providing no resistance anymore. She began doing the simple math as she dug into her piece, realizing that she'd be immobile if she made up for 6 other girls, and there would certainly be no way she'd lose that by the next school year. Realizing she was caught between a rock and a hard place, possibly risking her health, she began to suddenly feel nervous and afraid, and between that and the exertion of continuing to eat, she began to sweat. The Kabuki woman noticed instantly. "You know what would help cool you down?" she whispered into Hailey's ear, smiling mischievously. Hailey turned and looked at her with a horrified expression, just as the Kabuki woman reached for another slice of cake. Too late. By the time she was excused, she couldn't stand up straight for all of the pressure in her belly. She asked for permission to go straight to bed, and was told she could do so after drinking a glass of vodka, and, resenting her undesired new alcohol habit as well as her diet, did so without any argument.
She had difficulty sleeping that night, feeling uncomfortably full until it was almost morning. She was being forced to do the impossible. No, she had volunteered for it. She would have cried, but she suspected a roommate would notice and tell on her. She spent all night cradling her soft new expanses, as though applying enough pressure would push them back towards their formerly firm shapes, trying to think of a solution. Finally, an idea oozed itself into the cracks of her brain like her new fat oozed between her fingers. She was already noticably heavier to anyone that had ever known her. Maybe not obese yet, but she knew she had to be pushing it. She got up out of bed and put on her pig suit, resenting the way it made a tent out of her ass and belly, still painfully stuffed. She went down to the kitchen, and saw the night chef, bored, scrolling on his phone.
"Hey." she tried to sound seductive with this one word. He seemed startled and put away the phone.
"Hi. What can I make for you?" he seemed nervous. Hailey never saw this chef, practically, always going to bed too full for midnight snacks.
"How about a deal?" Hailey purred.
"I just make food. I'm not... it would violate my contract to do anything else." He was blushing.
"Nobody has to know. But I'm not asking you to do anything but make food. I'm just asking you to make the most fattening food you can. Add weight gain shake. Drugs for all I care. If these other girls don't get fat, I'm going to be made immobile and I'll never be able to be in the sorority!" She realized her voice had gotten quite loud and emphatic towards the end there, but he seemed to at least be thinking about it.
Finally, he shrugged. "Whatever. You know you'll be eating it, too, right?"
Hailey looked him dead in the eyes, still cradling her uncomfortably full stomach. "Can't get much worse for me."

The next morning, Hailey was awakened by a click right by her face. She looked up and saw the Kabuki woman, grinning down at her. She tried to look down to the source of the click, but found there was something around her neck, preventing her from doing so. She reached up and felt for it, and found that a collar had been affixed to her neck, made of very thick, stiff leather. A tug at it confirmed that the Kabuki woman had a hold of a leash attached to it. "I've decided you're just simply too valuable to the sorority to be allowed to ever leave, and I'm concerned you aren't as dedicated as you could be." Hailey just gawked at her, horrified at what this could mean. "Now, I suggest you follow close." The thin Asian woman stood quickly and began to walk from Hailey's bed, and almost instantly, Hailey felt herself yanked from the comfort of her sheets, still naked.
"Oh, dear dear me. You aren't in your uniform. Oh well, it would only get messy anyway." Naked, blushing, humiliated, and feeling every jiggle and roll on her body, Hailey was led by a short leash to the kitchen. The chef appeared very busy, and brought out a huge bucket of french fries dripping in grease, and then poured melted cheese all over it before smiling and walking away. Hailey had by then learned to zone out and just munch, to not sense taste or quantity or anything, and she did so. When she came to, having emptied the bucket, she noticed that the rest of the pledges were there as well, luckily for them in uniform. Still, they all looked tortuously full, struggling to finish their own similar buckets.
"Does anyone want pancakes?" The chef inquired, grinning. The girls all groaned, and their masters quickly rebuked them, telling the chef they would need double portions. Hailey almost smiled. On the way out of the kitchen, the Kabuki woman leaned in close.
"Clever thing you did there. Only trouble is it still won't help you. You're already too fat to lose that weight by next fall." she laughed and pinched a roll on Hailey's side. Hailey was especially discomforted, knowing she was sucking in, and saw it filled an entire fist, still. The Kabuki woman laughed, that sweet, innocent laugh Hailey had grown to hate. "Now, let's go have a drink and talk more about your plotting." She was led to the house bar, and the Kabuki woman began filling pitchers with beer. She reached under the bar and retrieved a beer bong. She pulled on the leash, leading Hailey to a stool, and commanded her to crouch for a moment, as she put the loop handle of the leash under a stool leg, and then commanded Hailey to sit on the stool.
"Do you know why I do this to you?" she asked, her voice taking on a seductive tone, as she pressed the mouth of the beer bong to Hailey's lips, and grabbing both sides of Hailey's chin. She couldn't nod, or shake her head, and she knew that if she opened her mouth to answer, the tube would end up going in. "I'm making a superwoman out of you." she purred. "You can call me Erin, just not in front of anyone else. It isn't my real name anyway. But it's more than you had. More than you'll ever have. You won't be a sister, but you'll be what every sister wants to be, deep down. You think we have power? Influence? Look at us. We gain a pound and feel like we're on the verge of losing everything. Everything but that pound. I've freed you-" and at that point, Hailey had to ask a question, and hoped the tube wouldn't go in, but no, it filled her mouth instantly, and Erin grinned.
"I've freed you from all of that. You see, you won't be able to lose this weight. Only 10 or so of those girls in there might. Think about it. How many pledges are there? How many sisters? Our membership isn't growing, it holds steady. Less than 25% will become sisters. So just give up on that now, and embrace something bigger. You can be a symbol. The elephant in the room that everyone has to talk about. Just embrace what you've become. A piggy that knows she doesn't need the respect of a bunch of bitches that are almost as scared of chocolate as they are of an actual job." And the beer began to flow, before Hailey could respond.
Hailey made up her mind that night, albeit perhaps drunkenly. She was going to become a sister. Her biochemistry classes had given her an idea. She had little privacy in the house, so she spent a good deal of time that week in the lab, working on a series of chemicals. She missed a few meals, and Erin more than made her make up for them. She thought she was about finished with her concoction when she finally worked up the courage to use the scale there. Nobody was around, she thought. She stepped up onto it as gingerly as she could, and adjusted the weights. She had been forced to gain over 90 pounds, and almost all of it was fat! No wonder she couldn't keep clothes that would fit for more than a month. Angrily, she waddled back to the sorority house, tiny vial clutched in her tightly balled fist.
Her mentor immediately demanded to know where she had been. "Lab work." was enough. Erin didn't care about minutiae. Hailey was then ordered to run her a bath, with bubbles and all. Hailey would have preferred the mixture be drunk, but was doubtful she'd get such a chance. She dumped the contents of the vial into the tub, and filled it with hot, sudzy water, then left her master to enjoy it. Over the next few weeks, her master seemed nicer, less cruel, and more tolerant. She even laughed once or twice at things other than another's misfortune. Then Hailey noticed it.
The slim, form-fitting outfits the sisters all wore suddenly seemed less flattering on Erin. A slight bit of pudge was forming there. Even better, it wasn't long before another sister was calling her out on it, suggesting she had been stealing Hailey's food. Sadly, Christmas break was approaching, and it would be a while before Hailey could see more of the damage she had done, but she also may be the first person ever to lose weight over the holidays, though of course the sisters promised retribution for attempting to do so. Hailey dreaded how her family would react.
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