Prescription for Love

Chapter 1 - Part 1

Ordinarily, Elena's new job as a pharmacy technician was pretty simple. She filled prescriptions, cleared up problems with insurance companies and doctor's offices, and chatted with the general public as they came to get their medications. But today...

She had received a prescription by phone from a weight loss clinic. She knew from previous dealings and other professionals that this office was worse than a used car lot - they used every slimy trick in the book to make people feel bad in order to take their money. The medication she was about to dispense, Phentenol, often caused some weight loss, along with diarrhea, memory loss, seizures, and heart failure in more than a few cases. The 'cure' was much worse than the problem, and Elena wondered again who had to be bribed at the FDA to get it approved.

Still, it was not her place to second-guess the physician, and she had prepared the little brown bottle with distaste and returned to her other duties. A few hours later, the counter buzzer rang and she looked over to find the most incredible-looking man she had ever seen. He stood about 5'10", and she guessed that he weighed around 310 pounds. He had a gorgeous round gut drooping a bit in front of the waistband of well-filled jeans. His buttoned flannel shirt was snug around his belly, and she could see that the last 4 holes on his leather belt were stretched out. *Big, and getting bigger,* she thought to herself, with a familiar tingling beginning to grow in her nether regions. She blushed as she had to ask his name again - she had been so focused on his belly that she hadn't heard him at all!

"John Martinez. I have a prescription from-" and his voice dropped to a whisper, "the Center for Obesity." His face flamed as brightly as hers had. She could have kicked herself for making him tell her the clinic name. As she turned to look for his medication, Elena remembered why his name had sounded familiar. The Phentenol - it was his prescription! She fumbled for the bottle, and turned back to the counter, her mind racing.

"Um, here it is. But if you don't mind me saying so, I really don't think you need this medication. You look fine to me." *Stupid, stupid! I should have played up the side effects, not tried to imply that he wasn't overweight!* Between the two of them, their blushes nearly lit up the room.

"It's, uh, nice of you to say that, but I know I've put on quite a lot of weight in the last year." John rubbed his hand over his belly unconsciously, and Elena felt her knees weaken as she stared. "Between my ex-girlfriend and my family, it's been made very clear that I need to do something about it," he added.

*I have to do something,* Elena thought. She looked up at his incredible brown eyes. "There's, um, a little problem with this. Nothing to worry about! I'll have it straightened out in just a few minutes." She took the bottle to the back counter and before she could talk herself out of it, dumped the pills in the trash. She hurriedly refilled the container with another medication, one that would enhance appetite and decrease metabolism, meant for cancer patients that were rapidly losing weight. The sensible part of her brain was screaming furiously - didn't she know she could lose her job and certification? Didn't she know it was wrong to do this without his permission? Elena shook her head. All that she was sure of was that this was the most fantastic looking man she had seen in her life, and she could no more allow him to lose that amazing belly than she could cut off her own hand.

She brought the 'weight loss' drug back to the register. She put her hands in her pockets to hide the shaking as she asked if he had any questions and took his co-payment. He thanked her and began to walk away. After a few steps, he hesitated, and looking around, he headed to the digital scale in the corner. Her breath caught as she tried to look busy. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched him weigh himself and then walk toward the front of the store.

She quickly went around to the scale, making sure he didn't return. There was a function on the scale that made it display the last weight taken - good thing he had come during a slow period! She tapped the code for the last weight. 323! He was even heavier than he looked. Trying to ignore her pangs of conscience, Elena wondered what he would weigh when he came back. 330? 340? Her mind filled with visions of his round gut getting rounder and drooping more, his cheeks and chins filling in, his ass getting wider in those snug pants. She hardly noticed the rest of the day go by as fantasies of John getting hugely fat played out in her imagination. After her shift she raced home to grab her vibrator, and spent several happy hours pleasuring herself with thoughts of him.

The next month was agony. Would he stop taking the pills when he didn't lose weight? Would he figure out that she had switched them? What if he had the prescription refilled at another pharmacy? Elena almost called him a dozen times, but she honestly had no idea what she would say. As the end of the month rolled around, her anxiety and anticipation increased. Finally, she saw his name come up in the queue of refills. Unsure of what to do, she filled two bottles - one with the 'true' drug and one with her substitution. If he seemed unhappy in any way, she would give up her fantasy and give him the Phentenol.
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Pd500 8 years
Fattastic. What a wonderful start to a life together.
Built4com4t 10 years
how did i miss this one...deliciously erotic and demands a sequel ;-)