Promises Kept, Part One

Chapter 1

When the dessert cart passed, I saw her smile, and I thought the game might be up. I was sure when she put the dessert in front of me, then patted my stomach under the table.

It was my retirement dinner. After 22 years with the company, the last 8 as President and CEO, I was giving over control to the corporate team I had been grooming for the last 3 years. As I took the first bite of the cheesecake, I looked over at my grinning wife and couldn’t help but smile myself.

It was hard to believe we had been married 20 years. Our courtship had been quite different than most. We were both considered hard chargers within our respective companies, Laura as a CPA, and me as a entry level manager. We met at a NAAFA gathering in Chicago. It was the first event for both of us, and we introduced ourselves at the welcome dance.

Both of us acknowledged later that there was an attraction between us. We spent some time together during the weekend event, and exchanged addresses and phone numbers before leaving.

Since we lived only about 60 miles apart, we started seeing each other, first during weekends, then for dinners during the week, and after a few months Laura found a new job and moved a few blocks away from me. We were married 6 months after meeting at that NAAFA convention.

One of the things we discovered about each other at that first conference was that we both loved to feed. At that time, people weren't called feeders, but that is what we were. We both attended the seminars at the convention that addressed the love of feeding, and came away knowing that feeding is what we both wanted to do. We met several people who lived close to the Chicago area at the conference, and we all formed a small group of local feeders or feedees. After the conference, our small group continued to meet together to encourage each other.

After we got married, we had to decide how we wanted to work feeding into our lives. We talked with members of our "feeding group", and after looking at our situation, it was decided that I would fatten up Laura first. It seemed that I had the best chance to progress in my career, support us, and put enough away for a retirement at the earliest time. Upon retirement, Laura would get her turn, and get to fatten me.

I started feeding Laura during our honeymoon, and she fattened up nicely. I made sure that she was pampered and generally treated like a queen while she steadily put on the pounds. As she gained, I became evermore enamored with her fantastic body. She delighted in wearing her tightest clothes around the house because she knew she would have my full attention. Her selection of lingerie highlighted her growing hips, belly, and breasts, and she loved to tease me and make me wait before finally coming to bed.

In all, Laura went from a standard 135 pounds up to 275 in about 3 years. Our feeder group was delighted, and Laura and I could not have been happier. Meanwhile, I was progressing up the corporate ladder, earning more money and socking more away for our retirement.

Now 20 years had passed, and it was time for Laura to have her turn. To tell you the truth, I was sort of looking forward to it. For the last 2 or so years, it had been harder and harder to force myself to exercise and to go to the gym. Every time we had a luncheon and they served us a "normal" portion, I felt that I hadn't even started when my plate was empty.

Even though I knew that I was about to gain a huge amount of weight, I wanted to make it seem like a challenge for Laura. She was the love of my life and had patiently waited 20 years to fulfill her fantasy. I wanted to make it the best it could be.
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GrowingLoveH... 7 years
How did I miss this gem!

Azerty 10 years
Just read this story. Absolutely fantastic. Can't wait to read part two
Snr6424 13 years
I have to comment again, I believe the fifth chapter has even surpassed the greatness of the first four. Thanks for sharing this! smiley
Snr6424 13 years
Absolutely amazing, I love where you're going with this. Cannot wait to read more!