Saccharine and Fattening

  By Slim

Chapter 1 - lovers bearing introduction

"Oh, come on. This is ridiculous. I know I said it was my favorite meal, but we can't eat this every night."
"Why not, gorgeous? It's cheap enough, we could be eating it for every meal." She knew he wasn't serious in thinking this. She knew that he was aware of the problem, but she laughed and pointed it out anyway.
"Because we'll get fat. Apparently, that doesn't bother you, but as much as we might be able to afford mac and cheese, I can't afford a new wardrobe." He smiled, and continued to fill a large bowl for her.
"Alright. We'll start eating better. I'll cook whatever you want." She couldn't be unhappy at this, and as a peace offering, began to dig in.
In their mid-20s, the two had been together for a few months, initially as a matter of financial necessity, both needing roommates and trusting each other more than most, but romance had bloomed between them. Unfortunately, something heavy still hung over both their heads, a secret that left the entire relationship in a dark shadow. Sarah, with a short and voluptuous body style, heart-shaped face and luscious ass, was not quite as heavy as the women to which Dominic was normally attracted. Dominic had lived in fear of this truth coming out and the social repercussions that might come of it, just as Sarah had lived in fear of wearing that sort of weight, and they were finding themselves in a real way romantically crippled. They had realized that they didn't just have a good relationship, they had love, and as precious as that was, they both wanted more from one another.
Sarah was so distracted, contemplating her relationship, that she was actually startled by the crack of a beer being opened, and even more so to find it being thrust towards her. Dominic smiled, and said, "I also bought your favorite beer." She took the can from him, smiled back, and wondered if she could even drink much of it. She looked down, and found that in her distraction, she had polished off the heaping bowl of mac and cheese with hot dog pieces, which truly had been a favorite of hers since childhood. The weight of the meal suddenly became apparent to her, but the beer had already been opened for her, and Dominic was already opening one for himself. Too late to protest. She made her best efforts, finishing the bottle, and was about to say she was going to bed when another bottle was in her hand, already opened, and Dominic's bottle was clinking against hers. "Cheers. To living a big life together." She sighed, slightly resentful of the feeling of obligation, and drank. She was off to bed soon after, and he went with her, seemingly less able than usual to keep his hands off of her. He wanted to believe he could feel some more softness, that the alcohol and rich meal and lack of exercise was making a discernable impact on her figure. For the life of him, though, it seemed she was losing weight.
It was a month or so later, and the rich meals hadn't stopped. Apparently by eating "better", Dominic had just meant eating more. The beer also just kept flowing into their apartment, clearly taking a big hit from Dominic's meager pizza delivery income. This seemed to result in more pizza being brought home, often on a nightly basis. Sarah had begun to really worry about the health effects this could be having, but her metabolism seemed to be fighting it off well. Dominic, though, had gained a few pounds around the middle, which worried her most of all. She had always had a little roundness to her, but she didn't want his health to suffer. She picked the wrong night to tell him about her concerns, though.
They had just finished a meal together, like always, and Sarah rubbed her swollen belly absently. She had been wondering lately, and increasingly confident that the huge rich meals were making her feel hungrier and more often. She knew she could work off a few pounds, but she didn't want her eating habits changing permanently, or her metabolism being altered. She decided to mention it then. "I'm worried I might be gaining weight." She said, tentatively, not knowing how Dominic would react, worried that he might agree.
"You better not be gaining weight. I don't think I could control myself around those curves at all if you did." Dominic sounded like he was joking, and so as strange as this comment was, Sarah didn't think too much about it. She had something serious on her mind.
"I think we've both gained a bit of weight eating like this. We really should start eating healthier.." she began, looking up from her belly to notice Dominic's crestfallen expression as he froze on the spot, looking at her like a deer in headlights, mid-way through pulling an ice-cream cake from the freezer. She laughed, mostly at his expression. She didn't mind eating delicious, rich food- she just wished she could get Dominic to understand that they wouldn't be in their mid-20s forever, and that such a diet eventually had its costs.
Dominic had been hoping the alcohol would cause Sarah to retain more weight, but if anything, it was just making it harder for him to deal with his frustrations. As Sarah told him she worried about the impact of the food they were eating, he suddenly got sad, depressed.
"I'm sorry, Sarah. I love you. I don't want to change you. I just really like... curves. I like women who aren't so skinny, and as wonderful as you are, as little of a chance as there could ever be that I could like you any more than I already do, if you gained a bit of weight..." She knew he couldn't have said any of this unless drunk, and almost hoped he was too drunk to remember saying it tomorrow. She almost wanted to go on as if this hadn't happened, and to continue looking at him the same. He poured his heart out to her, telling her that she was the only woman he would ever love, and that he loved her completely and unconditionally, but wanted to see her healthy, happy, and not so concerned about getting fat. She couldn't disagree with any of that, though she didn't know how "healthy" and "not concerned about getting fat" worked together. He was soon drunkenly passed out at the table, having exhausted himself disclosing his most intimate secret to the person he loved most. Sarah took another beer from the fridge, and sipped it by herself, contemplating the night. Some time later, she had finished three beers and eaten a large portion of the ice-cream cake, and after getting Dominic up from the table and into bed next to her, held her swollen stomach, wondering if she was imagining the increased softness. Wondering if she was imagining the way she liked it.

The next day, she called Dominic while he was at work and told him she wanted him to bring pizza home. No, pizzas. And bring more beer. She hadn't heard him sound as excited as he did when he got off the phone in weeks. He got home and found her wearing a shiny red piece of lingerie and a headband with devil's horns on it, already several beers in, belly distended from the carbonation. She jumped up and gave him a hug, and he felt her belly against his, something that turned him on incredibly and kind of freaked him out. She didn't have a belly before, really, and if she did, she'd have tried to keep it hidden from him, he was sure of it. His reaction and the general silence on the painful discussion of the night before made her sure- he didn't remember it. No news could have been better than that- she was thrilled. This would be so much fun, she thought.
"Dominic, I want to eat pizza, but moving my arms all the way, holding a piece to my mouth, it all just sounds like too much work. Makes it seem very inefficient. Would you help me out?" she asked sweetly. He looked at her like he didn't believe what she was saying.
"Would.. would I feed you?" She noticed that he already had an erection.
"Would you? I'll return the favor." He looked quizzical. "So I was thinking. It might be a lot of fun to feed one another. We seem to often choose what the other one eats, and neither of us seems to mind it too much. Why not also choose how much the other one eats? Sound sexy to you?" She smiled her biggest smile, hoping to see something other than the look of terror on Dominic's face. She realized he had his greatest sexual fantasy right before him, and that he was paralyzed by the fear that he would somehow mess this up. "Come on, baby, I need an answer and some pizza in me." His hand was in the pizza box and pizza was at her mouth in seconds, before she was even finished speaking.
An hour later, Sarah held her stomach in real pain, worrying about stretch marks and the bathroom experience that was soon to follow. Dominic had opened up the second pizza box, and had begun to take out a slice for her. As he brought it closer to her mouth, she grinned at him, and jumped to take a bite out of the pizza, or tried to do so. Her swollen abdomen restricted her movement, and she ended up snapping her jaws just short of the pizza. Dominic laughed, and as he did so, she bit off the tip of the piece, and grabbed his shoulders and neck, pulling his head down to her. She kissed him passionately, and in the process, pushed the bite of pizza from her mouth into his. She smiled at his look of shock, and as he begun to chew, said "That's your pizza, baby."
She thoroughly enjoyed the awkward look on his face as she began to feed him piece after piece, and took sick pleasure in the look of pain on his face as he finished, knowing it was something they had shared together.
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FrecherTyp 9 years
hehe just read it again oh such a nice sexy relationship nearly exactly what i would love to do with the one former gf ^^
FrecherTyp 10 years
wow what a great sensitive story ;-) i relly love this ...aaadn wehre can i meat this sarah ^^ ;-)
Ikr 10 years
Wow. Very well written! One of the better ones I've read on this site! Keep it up! smiley
Slim 10 years
Thanks a lot. This is my first try at writing anything erotic or really even particularly romantic. Those few words mean a lot to me.