Chapter 1

Tyler had been alone a long time. All he had ever wanted was a girl to love. Well...that's not exactly right. You see, Tyler was a feeder...he liked to see his girlfriend grow...bulge...billow outward with the fruit of the love he spent on her. He wanted to see his girl happy and enormous, gorging to her heart's content and being admired and appreciated for it. The problem is, Tyler doesn't have a girl right now.

Melissa on the other hand, had everything a girl could want. She was with a guy who hot by any standards...she had money, she was going to college. She had a future. She had a great body by most people's standards...short, but incredibly voluptuous, with a round butt and thrusting breasts. Her beautiful green eyes and golden blonde hair shone in even the dimmest light. But still, she longed for something she had wanted for a very long time. Ever since her sexual awakening into womanhood, as a matter of fact.

You see, Melissa wanted to be fat. Not just chubby, but enormously, gloriously rotund. She wanted to make a pig of herself, cramming food into her mouth and burping appreciatively. She wanted to grow out of all her clothes...make those designer seams burst. She wanted a huge, bulging ass, an enormous potbelly, and titanic breasts to highlight the effects of her gluttony. Because Melissa was not just a glutton...she was afflicted with fat lust. She wanted to be jiggly and heavy and to make the ground shake with her steps.

Luckily, fate by the hand of a writer will intervene. In real life, this would probably not occur, but in this world, anything was possible.

Tyler was working at his college job when he met her. He was delivering sandwiches for a well-known shop. Tyler enjoyed his work due to the caloric and carbic content of his employer's food - although they would never admit it - because it gave him a chance to make girls fatter on a larger scale. Today, Tyler was delivering to Melissa. She worked in the mall at one of the stores, and as Tyler walked in he didn't see anyone at the counter.

"Hello?" he called.

"Mmph! Just a minute!" came a silky feminine voice from the back room of the store, followed by an enormous belch. A beautiful blonde with shining green eyes sauntered out from the hidden recess of the store. Her shirt was taught over a small potbelly. Tyler tingled a little bit with joy. What a beautiful specimen of the female genre!

She slapped a $20 on the counter, and her sizable assets bounced once. The total of the order was $18, three sandwiches, and she let him keep the change. "Sorry it isn't a good tip," she said.

"Actually," Tyler interjected, "any tip at all is nice. Some people don't consider it neccessary." He shrugged.

"Well I feel that if I'm too lazy to get my food myself and a sweet guy brings it out to me, he should get something for it." She smiled, lighting the room.

Tyler became nervous in his nerdiness. "Believe me, the pleasure is all mine."

The girl blushed a little, and looked down into her pronounced bust. "Thank you." Without hesitation she opened the bag and pulled out a sandwich and practically tore the wrapping off.

"I'm starving!" she said, and took a massive bite, nearly a fifth of the sandwich.

"I have that effect on people. Especially when I bring some of those with me," Tyler mused.

The girl laughed with her mouth full, and took another huge bite. "Yeah, mmph, well...I know I donph lookph it, but I haven't eaten all day....mmmph."

"You look amazing...nothing to be ashamed of. But shouldn't you wait for your friends?"

She looked up with a smirk. "What friends?" She patted her belly, a hugely seductive gesture to Tyler. He felt his loins tighten.

(Should I continue? Give me an idea where to go next! Although Tyler will be written as I would react in real life ;))
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Kamina 12 years
God yes; a little more length to it and you've go an FF classic on here.