Sentenced to obesity Part 2

Chapter 1 - one more test part 2

She wriggles her hips, noticing that if her ankles were in their cuffs then she would be forced to elevate her ass, and her pussy would be exposed from behind. She lines her ankles up alongside the cuffs, careful not to put them inside the steel bands, feeling the tip of the rubber cock touch the tender rosette of her anus, and allowing it to rest there for a moment, the sensation of pressure strangely cooling to her inflamed lust. The cup, positioned below the dildo, rests just out of reach of her vulva, and she wriggles again, trying to understand the device without becoming trapped, when she hears a 'snap', and feels the cold sensation of the steel band around her right ankle.
"Damn!" She mouths thought the feeding tube in her mouth, spitting the tube out and lifting her head through the bars so that she can examine the cuffs for a release catch. Struggling with the undignified restraints, she realizes that with her ankle captured she cannot get her head out of the neck bars - they are too tall! "Damn!" She says again, this time clearly, as the panic of her initial discovery fades to embarrassment that she has allowed herself to become trapped. For several minutes she struggles, hoping to find a way out, before becoming resigned to her fate. Positioning her face at the feeding tube once more, she places her other ankle into the cuff, its metallic click reinforcing her helplessness, before she reaches for the wrist cuffs, placing first one, then the other into the spring loaded restraints.
As the last trap springs shut two things happen at once. She feels the cup swing forward, covering the triangle of her pussy, and sucking gently, creating a seal and pulling against her most intimate area, and the dildo presses forward, not penetrating her, but pressing against the resistance of her tight anus. She yelps in shock as simultaneously the bit in her mouth expands with a hiss of hydraulics, forcing her mouth wide open and filling it tight. Breathing through her nose she pants shallowly, trying to calm her panic response as she absorbs the sensations of helplessness. The realization that she cannot move her hands or feet to escape whatever stimulation this machine delivers is strangely freeing. She starts to relax, not struggling against the bonds, trying to focus on the sensations in her body, resigned to what must happen to her for her release.
Her thoughts are dominated by the sensations of hunger and need, her abdomen aflame with the butterfly feelings of lust, while her breasts and pussy tingle with the hint of teasing touches brought on by the lightest of pulsating suction on them. The feathery feeling enough to arouse, but not to satisfy. The ankle cuffs force her spine to arch, pushing her ass high into the air and exposing her pussy lewdly to the cup that has engulfed it. She feels the humiliation of being bound into this degrading posture doubly because she knows that she has voluntarily subjected herself to it. Praying that no one is secretly watching her debauch herself she flexes her muscles, moving her hips, feeling the pressure of the rubber cock against her tender opening, feeling her body pulse with excitement at the pressure of the rigid member. She pushes gently, and is surprised to feel the device push back, moving forward even as she presses against it, the pressure against her nether hole mounting as the slick dildo advances millimeter by millimeter. As her hips naturally begin to thrust slowly and rhythmically against the device her tight hole starts to dilate, gradually, but steadily. She groans at the sensation, a shiver of pleasure running through her body as she feels something new, a cool and sweet flow of thick liquid into her open mouth. Unable to move her jaws, she tries to squeal in discomfort as the fluid fills her mouth, her throat reflexively swallowing, her tongue and mouth sending messages of pleasure and excitement to her brain stem. Her mouth floods with the fluid, which pulses, spurting in time to her gyrating hips as her body rewards her with a cascade of endorphins. The surge paralyses her, her spine arching in pleasure and need, pressing her breasts down into their cups, and she moans soundlessly, motionless for seconds as her body adjusts to the debilitating intensity of the feelings.
As her conscious mind returns she notices the stimulation has stopped, and, frustrated by desire, she pushes once more with her hips, driving herself onto the relentless impaler, which pushes back, overcoming the resistance of her sphincter, settling a full inch inside her as another spurt of delicious chocolate syrup fills her mouth, the rush of saliva sending shivers of joy down her spine. She bucks, the feeling of penetration at once satisfying and infuriating. It feels right to be filled, but doesn't give her the relief from her hunger and sexual need that she has been craving. Frustrated, she pushes further, ***ing herself with the dildo, pushing her breasts into the gently teasing suction massagers. As the flow of fluid slows to a gentle pulsing, even as she rides the cock, pushing it deeming and deeper inside her with each thrust, she sucks desperately, needing the fluid as much as the penetration.
Suddenly the suction on her breasts and pussy spring to life, pulling sensuously on her most intimate tissues with every suck on the tube that she makes. Learning rapidly, she begins to suck repeatedly, pulling in as much sticky liquid as she is able to with every swallow. Her breasts are suddenly alive with sensations, her nipples hard with pleasure lavished on them by the suction massager. She squeals in joy and need as she feels the cup on her pussy pull her sensitive parts, a vacuum in the cup causing her lips and clitoris to flood with blood and arousal as she feels them sprayed with a mist of what she knows must be chocolate. She pants with need, sucking frantically at the tube while she bucks shamelessly on the penetrating phallus in her ass, the machine playing her body's sensitive responses like a virtuoso coaching a performance from a violin. She can no more resist what is happening to her than a river can run uphill, and she surrenders to the debasement like an animal in heat, no longer caring if she is being observed, simply needing to quench her desire, to fill her belly to bursting point, to orgasm, to meet the unbearable needs her body suffers. In fact, rather than thoughts of resistance her mind is filled with urgent questing to understand how to get the machine to reward her for obedience and compliance.
Her conscious mind is completely helpless, only able to observe in horror her body, held captive not only by the bonds of the machine, but by her own desires and needs. Gina feels almost detached from herself, unable to control her hips bucking and thrusting, the sweet sensations of penetration driving her on as the ribbed cock slams slams into her again and again. It fills her ass, the visceral feeling of primal pleasure washing over her with every deep thrust. Her mouth is constantly full, her tongue and throat cooperating with the machine, sucking in time to the mechanical violation of her anus as she gulps down what she knows must be huge amounts of the syrup. She is aware of a faint feeling of bloating in her stomach, but the need to be filled is far greater, and the feeling of rising arousal from her breasts and pussy far more compelling. She watches in helpless dread as the animal part of her is brought to ever higher levels of sexual frenzy. She is not aware of when they entered the room, but out of her peripheral vision she notices Alma and the doctor watching her, smiling as she guzzles and bucks. Her humiliation is complete, but she knows she can do nothing to reduce the shame and degradation of her situation. Ignoring them, she continues to struggle to increase the stimulation of her pussy and ass, feeling that she is teetering maddeningly on the edge of satisfaction.
Suddenly everything changes, her mouth feels about to burst as the rate of flow increases, and she chokes as her swallowing reflex is overwhelmed, the fluid forced directly into her. Panicking she tries to assert control over her body, to pull away, but the machine's command of her is complete, and as she is pounded and filled she is finally allowed to cum.
Her body almost breaking with the spasms of pleasure that wrack her, her need pushing her hips backwards, forcing the cock to bury itself deep inside her as the sucking on her pussy flutters, wrenching her concentration and filling her mind with the bright and blinding light of her orgasm.
As she gradually comes to, her panting finally controlled, her sweat covered body hanging limply on the motionless machine, her ass still filled, but the bit having fallen, deflated, from her mouth, she is finally aware again of the two onlookers.
"Oh no," she says, "Please undo this, you can't leave me this way, please, I beg you!"
"Oh Gina" says Alma sweetly, "We have to, but you'll be ok. All the signs are that you're doing perfectly. When you wake you'll be back in your apartment, and your job has agreed to hake you back. It's all going to be just fine."
"But, but Alma you know what you've done to me - how can I go to work like this? I won't be able to focus, or anything, what am I going to do?"
"Well Gina, I'm afraid that is the punishment you were sentenced to. The Court decided that you were to suffer this. My advice to you would be to find someone you trust, and tell them your needs. Oh, and as soon as you get your first paycheck you should get yourself a butt plug - that should make life a lot more bearable! Now, relax, and I'm going to put you under - when you wake, you'll be right back at home."
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Fredi 9 years
Biddygal 10 years
needs more )
Nok 10 years
the story is awsome.
your writing reminds me of a combination of anne rice and tolkien.
and I can't for the life of me figure out your style.
Where did you come from?!