Seven Deadly Sins

Chapter 1 - Part 1 - Pride (Superbia)

The cocktail party was a bore, as usual. Being bored was not good, because it drove Felicia to the generous buffet tables surrounding the huge ballroom and she couldn’t resist the temptation. Felicia had never even tried to deny any pleasures from herself. Instead she would spend an extra hour at the gym tomorrow to make up for the extra calories.

Felicia was a stunningly gorgeous woman and everybody turned to look when she glided by: men out of lust, women out of envy. She was extravagant the way Marilyn Monroe was – not a classical fragile beauty, but a meaty, blonde goddess with just the right amount of curves and D-cup breasts. At 5’8” and 148 pounds she couldn’t deny being chubby, but everybody knew she didn’t even compete in the same league with the model-like thin waifs. Only the best was good enough for Felicia and there was no such thing as moderation for her.

She was just about to leave before giving herself a chance to eat too much of the delicious treats when she spotted George Hanson Jr. , the richest man in the state rumored to be worth 2.1 billion. Felicia adjusted her skin-tight red dress, sucked in her slightly bulging belly and approached the handsome billionaire. No man had ever turned her down so far and George Hanson wasn’t an exception to the rule.

It wasn’t a love story and neither of them expected it to be. Felicia was the perfect trophy girlfriend – and then trophy wife. George took her to all events where he used her as a personal jewelry. Felicia on the other hand got access to a bank account that was never under +500 000 dollars in balance no matter how much she spent on clothes, jewelry, cars, trips, training coaches and so on.

Felicia lived and acted like a queen. From the moment she woke up, until the time she got to bed, she was dressed to kill. She was a total bitch to the people working for her and George and she routinely fired anyone she didn’t like or who didn’t pretend to adore her enough. Only thing George was adamant about was that she never treat any guest of the house badly.

And there were a lot of people coming and going in the mansion Felicia lived in. George usually stayed there for a few nights a week and when he was there, the house was like an office building with secretaries, business men (and women) bustling around.

With George being away a lot, Felicia kept a steadily rotating supply of lovers and was a total slut with some of them enjoying how she could turn men crazy with her body. She had absolutely no qualms about her behavior especially because her relationship with George was purely non-sexual. Felicia never admitted it to even herself, but this really bugged her especially as he was very good looking man and she wanted the power trip.
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Severino 13 years
It's mystery smiley
Bellyastic 13 years
Loved the story, till the very last line. Why in the hell wouldn't he ever return?
Severino 13 years
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I might write a sequel, but for now the story is complete and the structure doesn't bend easily to adding more.