Chapter 1

Happily married before 25, was the goal Shannon had set herself five four years earlier. And here she was now, year ahead of her schedule, having her honeymoon in Hawaii with Greg: her fresh husband.

Greg was everything Shannon had ever hoped from a man: hansome, kind, intelligent and honest. She could hardly believe she had gotten so far, but three years of discipline and restraint had finally paid off. Sipping her orange juice and trying not to look at the bountiful breakfast buffet too longingly, Shannon thought about the future.

-When I started this project, I thought only about getting thin enough to find a man. Now I did it, but what now? Do I have to torture myself for the rest of my life to keep then man I found?

Shannon couldn't help noticing that the baked section of the breakfast buffet was of exceptional quality. She tried to remember how cheese filled croissants had tasted. Or fresh chocolate muffins. Or warm, soft chocolate chip cookies. It had been four years since she had tasted any of them.

-Honey, are you okay? You look worried.

-Yes, I'm fine. I was just thinking how fattening the breakfast buffet here is. I'd gain a pound from just one of those muffins.

-Oh come one, Shannon! It's our honeymoon, we're supposed to indulge and enjoy ourselves. And besides a few extra pounds would only shed that single-and-searching -look from you. Have you ever even tasted those things, I think not!

Shannon had managed to keep her earlier profession and weight a secret for the most part. There were some pics of her when she was still studying to be a baker, but at that time she had been only plump. Greg really didn't need to know that a year after her graduation - a year of working in a bakery: Shannon had been a real fatty. Shannon had no idea how fat exactly she had been since she had refused to step on a scale or even wear anything else than stretchy clothes, but she was certain that at her fattest she had been pushing at least 250 pounds which is pretty much for 5'5".

-Oh Greg it would ruin my figure. And besides I might develop a sweet tooth and that would definitely be the end of my slender waist, she said.

Greg gave up as he didn't want to argue against Shannon's fitness lifestyle. He sometimes imagined how Shannon would look like if she were a bit plumper. The few pics he had seen of her when she was younger and a bit plump were really hot though she had been almost too young to look womanly in her plumpness. But it wasn't her weight he had fallen for. Shannon had a bubbly and always happy personality that made Greg smile whenever he saw her and that was the reason he had married her - well one of the reasons anyway. But if Shannon were to get plump again, he definitely wouldn't mind. And if she got really fat? Well, as long as she were healthy he wouldn't complain.
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Td0057 15 years
Looks good so far! Hope there is more to see!
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I don't think there will be....