Short and Sweet

Chapter 1

Chris picked up his watch from the nightstand. He still had half an hour before he had to meet Danni, plenty of time to finish getting dressed. He pulled off the towel and leaned over to pick up a pair of briefs, enjoying the sensation of his new belly squishing as he did so. He pulled on his underwear, noting how the elastic sagged under his substantial pot belly.

Six months ago he’d been a mere 165 pounds - but then he’d met Danni. She worked in a new café just around the corner from his apartment. He’d started stopping in for a coffee in the mornings on his ten-minute walk to work. The cute blonde girl at the counter always slipped him a pastry or a muffin as well. Soon he was popping in at lunch time for a rich, creamy soup and a delicious sandwich, sometimes followed by a brownie or a slice of cheesecake. The blonde - he discovered her name was Danni - flirted with him as she fixed him another triple-cream, triple-sugar coffee.

Then one night he had stopped in just before closing time, and stayed long after Danni had locked the door, chatting and helping finish off day-old baked goods and leftover soup. He got into the habit of doing so most days. He didn’t feel right unless he’d had a long talk with Danni and was stuffed to bursting.

It wasn’t long before Chris noticed and effect on his waistline. He stood 5’7” and had always been a little soft, but now he bloomed. His pants got too snug to button, and he had to spend a few days in sweats before making a trip to the mall to buy bigger ones. T-shirts that had once been roomy now clung to every bulge and curve.

To his surprise, Chris found he liked his new bulk. Before, he’d always felt scrawny. Now, he had presence. Gravitas.

The only thing that worried him was that Danni wouldn’t like it. Women liked six packs, not beer barrels, right?

But that appeared to be wrong. Danni grew more flirtatious as Chris grew fatter. She seemed fascinated by his belly. Her hands fluttered out to touch his rolls, almost without her being aware of it. She licked her lips more often. Chris was sure she fancied him, despite the forty pounds he‘d gained in the past half a year.

He’d finally asked her out on a proper date, and she had said yes. Then she’d asked if he would like to come over to her place for supper and it was his turn to say yes.

Chris was torn. He wanted to look sharp, but the fact was all his pants were getting tight again. If history was any guide, Danni would be dishing up lots of food and he intended to clean his plate. Possibly several times. He considered a pair of black sweatpants. He felt a slight flush of arousal at the thought of busting out of the tight pants. What the hell. He struggled into a pair of khakis, sucking his gut in so he could close the button and pull up the zipper. Damn, these things weren’t just tight at the waist. His thighs looked like sausages in casing. The pants made his belly spill over the top in an overhang. He imagined how he’d look if he were so fat his belly overhung like that naturally. The crotch region of his pants got even tighter.

Chris buttoned up a grey and pink striped dress shirt and tucked it in. He hoped he wasn’t misreading the signs. In the mirror he looked indisputably fat. Was that really what Danni wanted?


When Chris showed up at her door with flowers and a bottle of wine, Danni was blown away. He had changed so much in the short time she’d known him. She had noticed him in the café, even though he wasn’t a big handsome man of the type she usually dated, because of the way he lovingly, absently stroked his incipient pot belly. She had started slipping him treats, just out mischief. He’d responded in a way she had barely dared to dream of. He was smart and funny, too. It was the conversation as much as the gaining that had captivated her.

Things had happened so agonizingly slowly between them, but now, at last, Chris was here, in her apartment, round cheeks, round belly and all. She put the flowers and the wine down on the counter, then stepped close and kissed him.

After and moment he responded, pulling her close. Her fingers dug into the flesh at his sides and she caught her breath. He was only slightly taller than her, but much wider. Perfect.

He pulled away slightly.

“Wow,” he said.

“Uh, sorry.”

He laughed. She was still pressed against him and so couldn’t see his belly jiggle.

“No need to apologize,” he said. “That is how I like to be greeted by beautiful women who I’ve had a crush on for ages.”

“Crushing later,” she said cryptically. “Supper is just about ready.”

“It smells fabulous.”

Chris managed to plow through three bowls of her spaghetti carbonara, as well as quite a few slices of garlic bread.

“I shouldn’t be eating this garlic,” he said. “What if no one wants to kiss me afterwards?”

“Some people like the taste of garlic,” she said, slowly biting into a slice of garlic bread. “Trust me, it won’t be a problem.”

Danni pulled out her signature dessert, homemade chocolate éclairs. She put one on her plate and piled the other five of the delectable cream-filled treats on Chris’ plate.

He groaned when he saw it.

“If I’m going to have room for that, I’m afraid I’m going to have to unbutton my pants,” he said.

Danni grinned devilishly.

“Go ahead,” she said.

Chris lifted his bloated belly and fumbled for the button. He sighed with relief as he got it undone. His flesh pushed the zipped down.

He bit into the first éclair. God, it was heavenly! He and Danni lingered at the table, talking, and sooner than he would have believed possible, there were only crumbs left on the plate.

Danni did the dishes while he digested. She danced saucily around the kitchen, a dishrag in one hand, until he lumbered to his feet and caught her in his arms.

They kissed again, slowly at first and then with mounting heat and passion. They never made it to the bedroom. Chris lay on the floor while Danni rode him until they both exploded into orgasm. It was quick and rough and Chris lay there panting for a moment, Danni collapsed on top of him. He found he still wanted her.

“Let’s go to bed,” he said. “I want to show you what I can do.”

This time they undressed fully and took it slowly, exploring each other’s bodies. Danni massaged his belly, kissing it gently before moving lower.

Afterwards, Chris lay with Danni in his arms until he fell asleep. Danni smiled, brushing her fingertips along the curve of her new lover’s gut. There was still plenty of room in her king size bed, but maybe she’d found the one who could someday fill it.
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I'm short and sweet! When can I expect this kind of relationship, hmmmmm?
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Love this, very sensual.
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There doesn't have to be a second chapter. This works well as an intriguing stand-alone. But if you decide to give us the pleasure of more, who would I be to deny my joy in reading more of your story?
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Will there be a second chapter?
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Very delicious beginning!
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