Special Powder

Chapter 1

James was fresh out of high school. He didn’t really want to go to college, but he didn’t want to miss out on all the great parties. He also was the teams star quarter-back and track star. He had a great body: long, tight legs, very firm ass, an eight pack, chiseled pecs, and very cut arms. Being the great sportsman he was, he knew people expected him to do great things. He lived in a small town in Georgia. If he was going to go to college, he wanted to go to Georgia Southern.

He was packed and ready to go off to college, on a hot, humid July day. Sweat was running down his perfect pecs and dripping off his ripped body. He hugged his mom bye, and he was gone. Feeling better than he ever had. He planned to board in the dorm. He had no idea who his roommate was, but he hoped he was cool. He finally reached Statesboro and unloaded his things. He went to get his keys, schedules, and everything else he would need, then he went up to his room. He entered and found his roommate sitting on the bed in skintight boxer briefs. His roommate had a pretty good body, but he wasn’t as cut as James and he was probably about ten pounds heavier. Him and his roommate got along really well, though James didn’t really like him sitting in his boxer briefs. He started having feelings that he had never had for a guy before.

They decided to go to McDonalds, when they got settled in. James started to order a salad when Travis, his roommate, began ordering for the both of them. It kind of pissed James off, but he wanted to get along with his new roommate so he didn’t say anything. Travis ordered them four Big Macs, with four large fries and chocolate milkshakes. Normally, James would never eat anything this unhealthy, but since Travis had already paid he figured that a few bites wouldn’t hurt him. He took a few bites from one Big Mac and ate a couple of fries. He wanted to look like he ate more, so he slipped some fries into his pocket. He excused himself to the bathroom and dumped them. On his way back he thought he saw Travis doing something to his drink, but he dismissed the thought. He took some sips of it, and it tasted fine. Five minutes later he was feeling ravenous. He ate three Big Macs, almost all the fries, and drank his and most of Travis’ milkshake. He was so pissed at himself, but he was so damn hungry. He promised he’d work it off in the gym.

When they returned from the dorm, James set his clock an hour early, so he could go running. He told Travis about his morning plans, and then slipped off asleep. Travis got out of the bed and changed James alarm to an hour later. He also set some water on the table in which he had put some of his special powder. He had bought that powder online, before coming to college to give to his roommate. It greatly slows the metabolism and increases hunger a lot. He got into bed, and fell asleep.

When James awoke the next morning, one hour late, he quickly got up and showered. He was pissed that he didn’t have time to run, but he figured he’d just work out later. As he began stripping his clothes off he noticed that his abs didn’t seem to be as defined. He flexed in the mirror and quickly dismissed the thought. He was too impressed with his perfect body to worry about such things. After his shower, James’ stomach grumbled loudly, so he hurried into the kitchen to eat. Inside, he discovered Travis whipping up a big unhealthy breakfast of bacon, pancakes, and eggs. James was so hungry that he didn’t care how fattening the food was. He dug in. He ate ten pancakes, fifteen pieces of bacon, and four eggs. Feeling stuffed, James thanked his friend for the delicious breakfast and waddled to his morning class.
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