Chapter 1 - surrender

He met her at a card store where she worked with her mother. She was gorgeous - part Korean and part Polish, with the best of both heritages. He was tall with a slender, athletic build, active, dressed well and very proud of his appearance. They soon started dating.

She always teased him about being too skinny and made sure he ate plenty when they went out and when she cooked for him. At concerts and events, she made sure he was never without food or something alcoholic to drink. She was very playful about it, joking with their friends that she was fattening him up. When she made him massive dinners and he would start to complain about being too full, she would rub and cajole him, getting him both aroused and relaxed, feeding him until he was too stuffed to move. Over the first two months, he started to gain weight - especially in his belly - and she became more insistent about his eating.

He adored her even though the weight gain terrified him. His pants and shirts were getting too small and unbearably uncomfortable, and when he complained she waved it off saying he was just filling out a bit. In bed, she would grab his growing love handles and belly and grind hard against him until she came.

About three months into the relationship, she convinced him to move in to her condo because she could more than cover the bills and they could use his salary as spending money. He agreed and the feeding went into high gear. She made sure he was constantly stuffed with rich meals and snacks and seduced him every time he got ready to go to the gym. She would get him stoned on the couch and feed him eclairs, napoleons or other rich pastries and stroke his belly and cock, and tell him how fat she was going to make him. Under such consistent conditioning he soon found himself getting hard when he overate.

All this fed his terror as his weight and belly ballooned. He started to feel more and more helpless and his fitness level went through the floor. It depressed him enough that his performance at work got bad enough that he got fired, so his only comfort was that which he got from her loving - although very fattening - care. As a result, he spent more and more time sitting or laying around reading or watching mindless television snacking and drinking the beer she would bring him.

One evening when he was drunk, stoned, freshly stuffed and sexually relieved, she showed him an album of photos of him she had been taking since they started dating. On the last page she had an early picture of him in his swimming trunks, very fit and slender. Next to it, she had a recent picture. It showed a fat, naked and moon-faced man propped up in bed with moobs resting on an huge, round belly that eclipsed his crotch. One hand rested on his belly and he had a drowsy smile that emphasized his fat cheeks and thick double chin.
"See how nice and fat you are now," she said. "Just think - you'll never be skinny again. Now, all you need to do is eat, sleep and be my big, fat lover forever and ever! What do you think?"

It crystallized in his sloppy, now lazy mind, that there was no other option for him. He really had nothing to worry about other than keeping her happy and that little terrified and resistant part of him crumbled and surrendered. "Yes," he said, "I'd like that."

She kissed him and stuffed a brownie in his mouth.
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Feedher3000 11 years
Amazing story!!! I can't stop reading it!!
Shavip 11 years
Nice. I enjoyed this story a lot. Hope there's more like it on the way!
Badhansel 11 years
Thanks much guys! It was inspired by an all too brief piece of personal history.
FrecherTyp 11 years
oh that was just perfect hehe and how i love this sweet seducing and a little naughty fattening the guy and manipulating him abit into fatness
a very nice set up having such a rich girl ^^