Chapter 1 - the measure of love


I come over to you and push your dark wavy hair back from your forehead. Even though I am not standing very close to you I am touching your tummy with my hips.

You pull me closer and hug me. And try to span my waist with your hands.

" I think you are getting smaller" you are frowning but your blue eyes are smiling.
We both know that my size has not changed in the past year.

I kiss you deeply on the lips and then under your double chin. My hands explore the soft rolls of fat that encircle your body. Taking my hand, you place it on your huge belly. Since you are sitting it flows out and rests on your thighs, which are spread widely to balance it's weight. I pat you gently. You cover my hand with yours and cuddle it deeply into your softness Of course you love my reaction, the way I catch my breath, my flush of desire.

We had a lovely time in the pool today. It's amazing to see your huge belly floating in front of you. I can lift it up and feel how heavy it has become; fit it up against me while it floats there. And of course you whispered to me how fat you want to become for me, and pulled me up against you.
As always I cannot resist this and I reached under your immense belly and stoked you until you began to move up against my hand. Once you were erect you fit your fingers into me and we pleasured each other in the warm swirling water. No one has ever touched me so well as you.

We finally leave the warm bubbling water, sated and relaxed.
I dry you and spread oil on your back which often hurts now, from carrying your belly. I massage it to ease your discomfort. Then I put a special cream on your huge tummy so that the skin will stretch without tearing and leaving marks on my beautiful boy.
Now we are sitting comfortably on a wide bench. You have eaten only a light snack and I know that you must be hungry.

But we have work to do, my love. On the first day of every month we measure our progress.
We make new goals and discuss ways to make you more comfortable as you grow.
During the past year you have gotten very fat for me. Your belly has become huge and our love making has become so exciting for both of us.

I take the tape measure in hand. " Stand up, love". There was a time not too long ago when I could reach around you to measure you. Not anymore. You have to hold the tape while I get it around you. I measure you just above the waist where you are largest, and write the measurement down in my book. You try to peek but I won't let you. Next we measure your chest. I can do this without your help but I must stand very close to you; your huge belly pressing up against me. And of course you must make it harder for me to concentrate on my measuring by hugging me tightly.
" Stop that, you naughty boy!" I get the measurement even though I am a bit weak in the knees. It too, is recorded in my book.

Next we measure a bit farther down where your belly begins to arc away from your body.
That noted, I ask you to hold the tape measure on a spot midway between your fat breasts. I run the tape down the front of your body, over your soft belly any under the soft apron below it. " Only one more, baby."

" I'm starving"

You know that today, I'm going to keep you full all day. And that by tonight you will be so round that you will need my help to stand. We will make love several times during the day, before you become so full that all we can do is cuddle.

Now I take your arm and we walk across the room to a wooden table. On the table top are markings I make every month with a sharpie pen. You lift your belly with both hands and lay it on the table. I mark the place on the table where the biggest part of your belly rests. "All done fat, baby."

A few minutes later you are dressed in loose shirt and drawstring pants; I, in a satin robe. We are sitting together on the couch. Now I will reveal to you how well we have done this past month.

You look at the book and smile. " I have gotten much bigger than we expected, little girl"

" Your belly has gotten so huge and luscious I can't stop touching it, I think about you all day
at work. It's hard to keep my mind on my job now that you've gotten so big and sexy."

You are obviously pleased to be the cause of such distraction.

" But, I'm afraid, my sweet, that we are going to have to slow down a bit. You have gotten almost twice as big this month as we anticipated. I think your body needs to adjust to your increasing weight. need to move around a bit more so that your legs are strong enough to hold you as you get bigger."

You pretend to be shocked. " Diet and exercise, I knew it would come to this! I'm going to starve!"

" That's hardly likely with me around now is it?" We laugh and I put my arm across your middle and hug you tightly. " Besides at the end of the month I can begin to work from home. Then I will be here all day to pamper and care for you."

You admit that it is getting difficult for you to do things for yourself.
" And as I get bigger I will need help more often. So, it's smart to slow down a bit, I guess. But only until you are home all day, then I want to get very fat for you."
Your finger traces lightly over my breasts and I shiver. You are a gentle lover and very good at what you do.

" I know, sweet baby, I love helping you and indulging you." I kiss you gently.
" We can go to the grocery store and pick out wonderful things for you to eat."
You look skeptical; you are a bit shy in public and will not venture out at all with out me.
" I love taking you out and holding hands with you. I want everyone to know how I feel about my fat lover."

You blush with pleasure. When we first met you were sure that I wouldn't want to be seen with you. Now you know better.

" And I can keep you nice and full all day, and rub your back and kiss you all over."

" We can start starving me tomorrow, can't we? Today I want be fed and cuddled all day.
And get so full that you have to roll me into the bedroom to ravish me."

And so that's what we did.
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Tommmy 4 years
I like your story very much
Soxs7 8 years
Csmith 8 years
Chubby belly girl. Thanks. I'm glad you liked it
Chubbybellygirl 8 years
This story is amazing. You took me right into the moment and shared the hotness. Thank you.
Csmith 8 years
Fatbellymatt. I'm glad.
Csmith 8 years
Built4com4t Any time cutie!
Csmith 8 years
Story consultant. The comment above was for you. Love your work :-)
Csmith 8 years
Fatnfatr. Thank you!
Csmith 8 years
Thank you, I'm flattered I love your stories too
Fatrnfatr 8 years
Scorching hot! Presses all my buttons. I feel hugely fat just reading it!
Story Consul... 8 years
That's great. I love it. It's like my dream.
Built4com4t 8 years
thank you :-* very sexy, nicely done