Tending to Daisy

Chapter 1 - tick tock

Daisy hurried into the grand bathroom, clutching a boring paper bag as she closed the door behind her. It had been almost three weeks and she hadn't started yet, so she picked a few things up at the drugstore on her way back to the farm, just to be on the safe side. She set the bag down by the sink, looking at herself in the mirror briefly- she lifted her shirt just below her bustline and stuck her small tummy out as far as it would go. 'Even if I am, there's no way anything could fit in there!' Daisy thought as she took the box inside out of the bag.

'Easy to use... wait 90 seconds... results may vary...' she skimmed through the instructions as the slim box rested on the marble counter top- opening the flimsy cardboard quickly, she took out the contents, gave the sample and began the tedious process of waiting. She watched as the blue line appeared in the plastic casing- ten seconds crawled on their belly as her wristwatch clicked; 'Tick'... her delicate hand quivered as she leaned against the bathroom wall, her hazel eyes following the silver hands as they twirled within the onyx orb within silver. 'Tock'... 40 seconds swelled, still no mark. She found the strength within herself to push away from the wall and pace, back and forth, hastening her impatience.

'How in the world can Farmer John handle the pressure time and time again?' she wondered as the metal hands seemed frozen in place. 'Tick'- 50 seconds, still nothing... 'Tock'- 60 seconds, she leaned against the wall again as even still, nothing appeared on the stick. Carefully, Daisy eased down the white and key-lime green tiles to the equally cool floor, beads of sweat building in her auburn brow. 'Tick'... 80 flooded seconds, her eyes strain to see what her polished nail hides- 85 seconds, her nail awkwardly peels back- 90 full seconds, a bead of sweat falls alongside a newly formed tear... Daisy wrapped her arms around her knees like a scarf would her slender neck. The patiently waiting tears in her eyes streaked her face like tire tracks in the snow. Her hand dropped the white wand to the floor, a blue 'plus' called to the bathroom as though it were its' palace- Daisy was pregnant. 'Tock.'
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