That Damn Tiny Cow.

Chapter 1

“James?” Susan asked with a slowly raised voice of fright and confusion.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Why is there a miniature cow staring at me over there?”

Sitting in their apartment kitchen, Susan pointed with a chicken leg at a most unusual creature that was hiding behind the fridge. Either going completely mad or just delusional, but to Susan, she was seeing a miniature cow staring right at her.

There wasn’t anything weird about the cow, it was just your basic looking cow you would see when driving across a farm country. But just....small, like a tiny dog.... and it was in Susan’s and her boyfriend’s apartment, peaking around the fridge staring blankly as she eats.

James spun around but to find nothing but empty space, “Susan, are you feeling alright? You haven’t been yourself lately. Not to mention you have been eating a lot of food.”

It was true, Susan didn’t want to say anything at first, but she first started seeing the tiny cow a month ago. The cow made it appearance for a only few seconds and then disappeared in a flash. Susan thought it was only her imagination as if something seen in the corner of her eyes; which then afterward she would somehow become instantly hungry. And with each passing day, the miniature cow would reappear and disappear in front of her much longer, causing her hungry feeding frenzy to last longer.

Susan use to be an average size girl of 177lb when the cow first showed up. What ever the cow was doing, her weight sky rocketed to 253lb at the end of the month. All of her original clothing were at a final stand off before bursting into pieces. Her tank top was now more like a bra for her massive breasts and her jean shorts were continually squeezing out her pale soft cottage cheese legs with each pound she gains. Even Susan’s belly hanged out, pants unbutton, as it rested on her lap like a half deflated beach ball while she continues to inhale the food her boyfriend was able to bring home from work.

James continues to look at Susan, puzzled, about her invisible pet. She knew it was useless to make him see what she saw, “Sorry, I guess I haven’t been myself lately. With the eating and all.” As she resumes back to finishing her chicken leg.

Something in James mind snapped with a possible answer, “Dear god! You’re pregnant aren’t you?!” A bone of a finished chicken leg projected across the table, hitting James dead center in the forehead.

“No, I’m not pregnant you jerk!” Susan growled as she grabbed two hamburgers in each hands and chomped them down. “My body is just hungry is all.” She muffled, but in truth Susan felt more driven to eat whenever the cow was with her.

Rubbing the greasiness off of his head, “Well just be careful, don’t want you turning into a cow anytime soon.” James chuckled.

“Yeah...a cow...” Susan pondered by that statement with her face stuffed from the double decker cheeseburgers. She turned back to find the cow was still watching her. Unmoving, non flinching, the cow’s glossy black eyes stared right down at Susan. It gave her chills as if the cow’s stare was penetrating deep underneath her plump body and was trying to make her swell from the inside out. But what could this cow want? Susan’s mind was racing with question as she kept on eating like a mad women.

“Mooooo.....” The cow finally responded to her questions.
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Giantjay 12 years
I liked it! It went crazy for a bit, but never became unbelievable (or convenient). Good work!