The Body Slave

  By T3a

Chapter 1 - 1 a confession

Jack and Lily had been married two years and couldn't have been happier. Jack was an insurance agent at a local company, which wasn't glamorous, but it paid the bills and he enjoyed the comfortable routine and the familiar surroundings. Lily was a personal trainer and pilates instructor at their neighborhood fitness club, which kept her busy in between her online classes to get a degree in Art History. The couple wanted children eventually, but were in no hurry. After only two years, they felt like they were still settling into their new roles as husband and wife, and were continuing to learn new things about each other.

Jack was 6'2" and had played football in high school. He was a laid back, easy going guy who was likable and social. His build was average: broad shoulders, not fat but not cut and toned. Generally muscular but softened by his sedentary job and lack of motivation to pump iron in his spare time.

Lily was a petite but fit little redhead with a happy outlook on life and a bubbly personality. She and Jack had been high school sweethearts, but then he moved away to attend college. Lily worked a few jobs as a nursing assistant, but eventually realized her true passion was the arts. By the time Jack had graduated and moved back to his hometown, she was ready to stop working "dead-end" jobs and start achieving her goals.

Lily had always been really fit and enjoyed staying in shape. It helped her burn off a lot of her excess energy and she took a lot of pride in her lean, lithe form. She knew she was attractive, but she wasn't vain or rude about it. As soon as Jack moved back into town from college, they started dating again right where they left off, and soon got engaged. Their families and friends had hoped for this for a long time, and everyone was excited to see the new couple start their married life together.

However, there were still plenty of things for the newlyweds to discover about each other. For instance, Lily discovered that Jack always kept candy bars in the zippered inside pocket of his briefcase. Jack discovered that Lily never drank or ate for at least 2 hours after brushing her teeth. Just little quirks that were cute (Jack's secret candy habit) or annoying (Jack's refusal to ever do laundry of his own volition).

These things were to be expected, but there was another secret that Jack was about to find out about his wife. For as long as he could remember, Lily had been attending a weekly "book club" with other local ladies. She always took a black duffle bag with her, and never told Jack what was in it or let him look inside. At first, he didn;t think much of it, but after seeing Lily disappear through the door countless times with a bag almost as big as she was getting ridiculously excited about reading books with a bunch of old ladies, he began to suspect that there was more to this "book club" story than Lily was willing to let on.

The more he thought about it, the more Jack was convinced that there was something Lily wasn't telling him. He didn't suspect her of cheating or doing anything illegal, but he was worried that she obviously didn;t feel that she could be honest with him about whatever she was really doing for 2 hours each week. That Thursday night when Lily got home, breathless and excited, Jack was waiting for her.

"Babe," he said, "we need to talk about something."

Lily's face fell. She knew what was coming, and she wasn't looking forward to it.

"There is no way you've been going to a book club each week with that giant bag. I bet you don't have books in there, babe." Lily's eyes filled with tears as she shook her head.

"I just want you to be honest with me about what's going on. I feel bad that whatever this is, you don;t trust me enough to tell me about it. It makes me feel like you don;t want to share everything with me."

Lily was struck by Jack's genuine concern and love for her. She felt guilty, but she wasn't ready to tell her husband what she had really been doing. She realized that Jack had the right to know, and so she slid the bag across the table to him and told him to look inside.

Jack unzipped the duffle, not knowing what to expect, and reached inside. To his complete surprise, he pulled out a leather whip, wrist cuffs, a riding crop, thigh-high lace-up Dominatrix Boots, a shiny PVC catsuit, and a strap-on!!

"Whoa, Lily! What is going on here?! What IS all this stuff?!"

Between her tears, Lily explained that while he had been gone, she had worked a few jobs, but to make ends meet, she had taken on a nighttime position as a Dominatrix. At first it was just for the extra cash, but she found herself growing to love Domination and everything is represented, and she decided to continue even after she no longer needed the money.

Jack had zero exposure to any type of BDSM, and was nervous that his wife was some kind of sex freak, but Lily patiently explained about what drew her to Domination in the first place, and what it was really all about.

"It's very empowering as a woman in our male-dominated society to have full power over another person. To know that this slave is going to do whatever you tell them, no matter how it debases them. Some people find it really erotic to be humiliated and used and (for men) emasculated. It's tough, though, because there are people who will use this desire against these submissive guys, to take advantage of them and hurt them. Lily brlieved in a mutual relationship between Dominatrix and slave based on understanding, trust, and respect. She was still DEFINITELY 100% in charge and could dish out "punishments" on a whim, but she always took time to learn her slaves' limits to make sure that the experience was as satisfying for them as it was for her.

Though the explanation helped a little, Jack was still completely overwhelmed. "Lily, I had no idea that this was such a big part of your life....why didn;t you ever tell me?"

Lily burst into tears again. "Because I thought you would hate me! You would think I was weird or messed up and you wouldn't want to be with me! I tried to keep Domination out of our personal lives because I don't want to hurt our relationship! If you want me to stop, I will! I haven't been sleeping with these guys, just punishing and humiliating them! I swear I will never do it again if you want me to stop, I'm so sorry I never told you!"

Jack thought things over for a bit before telling Lily what he thought. "honestly, Lil, I hate the idea of you being sexual with another man, even if you aren't actually sleeping with him. If this is something that fulfills you and makes you happy, then I don;t want you to cut it off altogether. But maybe we can find a way to help you get your "domination fix" in a way that isn't as threatening to me. I would prefer that you acted out those fantasies with me instead of with strangers, you know?"

Lily was happy he wasn't telling her to stop Domming completely, but she was nervous that he still didn't know what he was getting into. "Babe, you don't understand. When I am with a slave, he becomes my property. I control all aspects of his life, whether it be physical punishments, how he spends his money, even what he wears and what he eats. My slaves completely give themselves over to me. I wouldn't want you to do that unless you really understood what you were doing."

"I know babe. I may not be well-versed in all this BDSM stuff like you are, but if it makes you happy, I want to try it. Hell, it might be nice to not have to worry about having to decide what to do all the time. My life sounds pretty easy since you'll be making all the decisions." Jack was in a good humor, and actually thought the whole thing sounded interesting.

"Baby, that means so much to me that you're even considering this!" Lily gushed. "I'm still nervous because you've never really seen the Dominatrix side of me. I am mean, cruel, and ruthless. It might be weird for you to see me in "character" so to speak. Are you sure you're ready for that?"

Jack shrugged. "well, we'll give it a shot and see how it goes. I'd much rather you get your kicks at home than off with a bunch of strange men that I don't know. It just doesn't seem safe. If this is something you want to do, I'll help you, ok? I love you so much."

Lily saw he was serious and was touched that her husband would commit to something like submitting to her without even really knowing what he was getting into. Plus, the thought of dominating and controlling her big, masculine husband thrilled her. "Ok, baby. We can start tomorrow, ok? It might take some getting used to at first, but I'll help you learn as we go, ok?"

Jack smiled, with no idea what he was agreeing to. "Sounds great babe. I can't wait to see you in that sexy PVC outfit anyway. Being punished by my sexy girl doesn't seem so terrible anyway," he joked.

Lily curled up in bed next to her husband, knowing that things were about to change dramatically, but excited at the same time. Jack was blissfully unaware of the thoughts and plans racing through Lily's mind, and so he fell asleep easily.
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Thanks guys! More coming soon! XOXO
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