The Chubby Queen

chapter 1

The year is 1590.I am a servant to Queen Elizabeth of London.She is a very kind woman and I love my job.My favourite part of it is her .She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen;thick brunette hair,deep blue eyes and cherry red lips.But her figure!!! My God!!! Even more exquisite than her features if possible.Her creamy skin was soft;her breasts were large D cups.Her waist curved gently in then out,giving way to well padded "child bearing" hips.But her best feature was her belly.Soft and round so femnine.She never could quite conceal it,even under her ornate gowns.It always swelled out slightly unrestrained by corsets.This was the Renassiance period when women were proud of their natural feminine bodies remember.Of course her love of food;especially sweet things did'nt help.But she seemed to love her belly and many a time I caught her nude,playing with it and also herself.Such ocassions aroused me greatly right to the core of my female sensibilities.I always felt guilty.God punished lesbians did'nt he?
I ached to feed my mistress.One night I made sure I got my chance.Elizabeth was stuffed after dinner as usual.I could see that she was asleep.I noticed that her buttons were undone."What a little piggy".I thought to myself."Eating so much that she had to undo her buttons." This gave me ample time to do what I had to do.I carefully tie thick heavy chains around both wrists so she can't escape.I then go to prepare lots of sweet rich things I know she loves and can't resist.Just as I'd finished, her eyes opened.Before she can ask what is going on,I stuff a piece of chocolate cake into her mouth.Her face registers shock.Another piece quickly follows."Come on piggy.More" I say."and lick your fingers."Soon two cakes have gone.Her belly is pushing out slightly,arousing me.A quart of cream and iced tea disappears down her throat next.Her belly is really beginning to strain now.I place my hands on it,feeling then sheer hugeness of it.I can't resist rubbing it.Elizabeth sighs with relief.I unchain her and drag her up."Weigh yourself bitch" I spit as I push her towards some scales.They read 180 pounds."My my.We have been a little piggy haven't we?" I taunt,viciously poking her distended belly."Come on say it." I continue."I I'm a little piggy.She falters."And what do little piggies like to do best of all?"
"Eat".She responds almost fearfully.
"That's right bitch."
I continue to feed her until she moans her jaw aches,not that it matters to me.Her dress eventually splits.I poke her again.Her belly gurgles impossibly loudly."What's that?" I say."Your fat belly still not satisfied?".I then notice a wet patch soaking the floor.She must have come without me noticing.My pussy tingles a little at the notion."Does being such a gluttonous piggy turn you on?" I demand.She burns crimson with embarrassment,then nods.Tears begin to trickle down her cheeks.
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