The Diner Poem

Chapter 1

I decided to go out to the local diner,

And lo and behold, I actually find her!

I’ve seen her around the town where I’m at,

How could you miss her, she’s incredibly fat.

I stare at her jiggling, bulging figure,

She looks massive now, she definitely got bigger.

I notice her big beautiful eyes,

As they scan the menu for various pies,

How she expanded was no surprise.

As she decides on her desserts,

On her many entrees, she gets to work.

She can’t seem to eat that sub any quicker,

Now she’s chugging soda from the pitcher.

Her table is full of various plates,

As soon as one is finished it is taken away,

But not long before another takes it place.

Now she is onto the spaghetti,

Cramming forkfuls through luscious lips to her bloated belly.

She reaches for legs of chicken,

“How much more can she fit in?”

The customers stare in disbelief,

As she shovels piles of gravy and roast beef.

BLT’s, cheeseburgers, jumbo Texas Omelet’s,

Ravioli, Pizza, and Mozzerella Cheese sticks.

Armies of waiters with their plates,

Try to appease her insatiable tastes.

Her belly is swollen like a fat blimp,

On top of which rests her planetary tits.

An ass so huge and wide, it can’t be beat,

As it hardly fits in her rickety seat…

Waiters so tired they look like they can fall,

“Any dessert miss?” “Yes, I think I’ll try them all..”

And with that a procession makes,

Of ice cream, of pies, of puddings, and of milkshakes.

Of the most creamy, fattening giant pieces of cakes…

And the girl, I swear, loses control,

I thought for sure, she MUST have to be full!

But oh no, she ate, and ate and ate,

And ate, and ate, and ate, and ate.

Her chair was creaky, and a strange rumble sound,

She looks down to see what it is, she can no longer see the ground.

She continues gorging again like everything’s fine,

Then her massive belly rumbles a second time!

She can care less because she is too hungry,

She just keeps on shoveling and munching,

And as she downed her jumbo milkshake,

For the third time her belly did shake,

And as the milkshake spilled down the sides of her piggy face,

Her belly really starts to quake,

It’s visibly growing, slowly at first,

I wonder for a minute if she’s gonna burst!

Her belt buckle snaps, she keeps on growing,

Her pants rip down, showing her big, fat belly…

The next to go was her buttoned shirt,

They flew off so fast someone could get hurt.

Her chair finally gave, she went thundering to the floor,

“Would that be all miss?” “No, I’d still like some more."
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