The Epidemic

Chapter 1

It's already been more than five years that it all started... To think I was to become patient zero in the worst epidemic the world had ever known...

But I digress, let's start when all this strange mess took its roots, let's talk about how I became what I am now. After the month of confinement you imposed me, I think you've given me the time to think about it all.

So, here it goes...

I'll never forget this day of June. It was the last day of our vacations to this strange little island in the South Pacific. My ex-girlfriend (we broke up since) Tania, her friend Valerie and I, had the best time in this small seaside town were we only sunbathed, partied all night and simply letting ourself go for once, the three of us having very stressful lives. So, the last day Valerie, very found of nature, insisted on us going to this natural park before we left. Which was perfect, regarding that the plane was only leaving at 18h00 and that we were really close to the airport.

So there we went, and again, we had a lot of fun discovering all the strange animals and plants that populated the island. Until the trigger was pulled on life how I knew it.

We were about to leave five minutes or so, when I had the meanest allergic reaction ever. Being allergic to nearly all plants and having always with me my medications, we didn't worry that much, but still, I never had such a strange reaction. My face swell, my eyes started to cry, my hands became itchy I felt a strange feeling in my stomach. Something like if I was inflated, but not inflating.

Immediately, Tania gave me my medications with some water and after only half an hour, and a bit of rest everything was back to normal and we were ready to take our flight back home. At that time far were we to think about what would happen because of our lack of caution about something that was not allergic after all.

But once again I digress, so back in the plane.

The flight went with not big problems, I sneezed once or twice during the 18 hours. But no trace left of what happened only few hours ago. We landed on schedule, got our train back home and went back to our everyday life, with a good tan and nothing to worry about.

And then it all started...

One week after our return Tania started to complain about a strange stomach ache that made her feel bloated, nothing apparent though, so we both put that on the stress and the excess of coffee. After all we were back in the “real” world, the vacations were over.
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