The Fat Machine

chapter 1 the machine

I live in a small town in the middle off no where,its a great place to live with 1 problem... every girl is to skinny and it just wont do for me. Every day I wake up and look out my window to see all the thin girls doing there normal routine, but I had a plan id seen this machine online that pumps out anything you put in it, it was perfect for what I needed it to do.

I got straight to work on testing it on a friend of mine, she was only 4'10" with 32c boob size; she weighed 56lb, she had the nicest ginger hair I've ever seen she had always been so nice to me helping me out with things I was just hoping she would help me with this. I called her and invited her over, she took 15 minuets to arrive which was plenty of time for me to organise the machine.

I invited her in and put a blind fold over her head and lead her into the room where the machine was waiting for her.I strapped down her arms and legs on the table and took of the blind fold. Her eyes where wide with shock as she seen the machine all filled with fat,cola and something special for her behind, She went to scream in shock but I kissed her on the lips and said to her "this will all be over sooner than you think" she gulped and looked at the 2 nozzles to the machine the big purple penis shaped 1 she knew was for her ass or vagina while the top blue penis shaped nozzle she knew was for her mouth.

She went to scream when suddenly the machine sprung into action, Her eyes where wide and blood shocked and the machine moved back and forth in her holes and the fluids came out. She could feel all the fluids moving through her body, she felt lots of pleasure from her ass but pain in her jaw, She gurgled and finally managed to murmur my name and she asked "what's ... *gulp* going *choke* into my *Gulp* ass...". I laughed and pointed to my penis, Her eye's widened even more than she thought was physically possible.

Suddenly she looked down her top was tight, her bra had snapped she felt them growing at and incredible rate they where at least 34DD she looked down towards her ass her pants and thong had tore and where now in pieces.She felt me feeling her belly as I admired it getting bigger I pulled the bottom funnel out her ass and shoved it in her vagina, She orgasmed and a bit of of blood came down from her vagina,It was her first time.

I shoved a cork up her ass as I turned the machine up to full power she orgasmed as her womb was filled with my sperm, which she had begun to love the idea off; her gut was now being filled with incredible amounts of fats and cola. Her figure was perfect lovely and round Pot belly that yelled squeeze me her ass and tits where big and jiggled, her tits where now 34HH. She had a chubby face, fat pink pussy lips, Amazing thunder thighs and lots of love handles, With the new weight she had she was now 5'2" and weighed 252lb.

I let her off the machine with caution she looked at me and smiled gave me a big hug and grabbed my cock in her now chubby hand, she looked me in the eye's and said "next time ask me first *Burp* and next time I want 3 penis shaped nozzles *Burp* all filled with your sperm *Hiccup*" she knelt down as best as she could and started to suck me off.

5 minutes later I orgasmed in her mouth her eyes sparkled and she grinned. She said in a horny and foxy voice "Ill give you 10 minutes to set up the 3rd nozzle and to get a new machine set up... I want to be milked rough like a wild animal this time while I get stuffed." I looked her in the eyes and smiled she was perfect but I needed more than just 1 perfect chubby girl in this town.

I finished the new and improved machine now with a milking machine.I turned around to see her lovely jiggly body, I all most orgasmed at the sight of her body. She had a camera in her hand as she wanted to save this moment of her second stuffing, and I couldn't wait to stuff her for a second time.
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Gerrity20 8 years
i took ur advice hungrysleepy and ive done as u have requested and fixed some minor problems
Gerrity20 8 years
Ye I dnt know much about bra sizes but I do know people that hight and roughly around that weight to have low size c bra sizes
Gerrity20 8 years
That's in part 2
Blubberjiggler1 8 years
A decent start but I would love to have her turned into a huge obese 1000 pound ball of pure blubber.