The Feedee Blackmailer

Chapter 1 - feedee and sex

Julie had been my feedee for 3 years, growing and growing. Once a lazy self centered plumper with a desire to be taken care of, now truly a lazy fat woman with not a care in the world, taken care of by me, the rich lawyer in the next town. I bought her food, bought her clothes, paid for her apartment, bought her big screens and Xboxes, bought her birth control and paid her to be my fatty whore. She is my trashy piggy blondie squeeze on the side, my super secret, something my skinny socialite shrew wife Cassandra, and others in high society would never expect. The money was no problem, never missed by the shrew at home. I would pretend to work late, bringing bags and bags of sweet goodies to my waiting sow Julie. Always showering to get the smell of sex off me before going home. I would call ahead to Julie and tell her "on my way" - she would then shower quickly and shortly thereafter I would arrive at her apartment and knock 3x on the door. Julie always greeted me the same way, with a hot french kiss in the doorway, in a bikini, with her huge fat bag double belly hanging over the bottom along her thighs, like a Niagara Falls of fat, huge tits stretching the top to the limit, side fat rolls packed and fully stacked, thunder thighs rubbing, and massive shelf butt covered in piles of cellulite. She once had been simply a plumper, about 160 pounds, but now she was draped in 450 pounds of hot luscious fat, all made by me. She would tease me by placing my hands on her gooey soft lower belly rolls, whihc had split into 2 lobes several months ago. Then say, "Hey lover, when are you going to leave that skinny bitch for a real woman?" I always laughed. Then it was feeding time. She wadles away to the kitchen, watching me over he shoulder as I watch her massive pillowy ass. Doritos, pizza, doughnuts, french fries, quarts of ice cream, pastries, all the best stuff. She would pack away the food teasing me by saying, "Oooh I feel that ice cream settling right here," squeezing her lower belly roll, and "That pizza is going right here," pinching a balloon like side roll. Feeding herself a can of whipped cream while her angle wings hang down. Then French kissing me with a mouth full of whipped cream saying "I gained some weight can you tell?" Then to the scale and the measuring tape. My detailed notes showing caloric intake, vs. pounds gained vs. measures of hips, belly, ass, thighs, arms, tits, all meticulously taken. By now I am throbbing and squeezing her lower belly with delight, knowing that I am turning her into a tub of fatty goo. She climbs on top of me settles onto my rod moaning, and her fat rolls and tits spill onto my chest and into my face. I kiss and lick and suck the gooey rolls and tits while pumping her fat cunny hard. She squeezes me inside. And moans. And she tells me how much weight she has gained, all for me. And how much bigger she can get. Then I explode and she comes too. She collapses breathing very hard, now she is so out of shape that even walking across the room is tough. Time to wash up and go home.
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Planb 9 years
nice story but please use paragraphs next time, just having it as one block of text makes it harder to read.
Fatlilboy 9 years
Love the story - but what is with the older woman?
Nok 9 years
Love breeder fetish stuff. Hot mix.