The Good Doctor, Chapter 2

chapter 2

"my goodness. I told you, you need a proper breakfast," the doctor said, clearing the plates from around me as I laid back, my belly even more bloated than before.
"Ughhh," I groaned, not wanting to move, "I think I need to go to work.. What time is it?"
"Half past noon, sweetie," he said. I sighed.
"I have an hour and a half before I need to get ready. Do you think you could drive me home? I feel like I swallowed a bowling ball."
"Of course I could. When would you like to leave?"
"Mmph.. as soon as I can move.. I feel so stuffed," I told him. He placed his hands on my distended stomach and rubbed gently, his fingers working like magic on my bellyache.
"Let's go now. We don't want you to be late, and a breakfast like that will put you right back to sleep," he said, putting his arm around me and helping me sit up.
I got into his expensive sports car and had some difficulty buckling my seatbelt.
"I think your car is too small for me," I joked, trying to grab the belt. Doctor Smith patted my thigh, which formed a ripple of fat around my too-tight jean shorts.
"Not yet," he laughed, reaching over and buckling me in. I directed him to my house and he asked about my job.
"I'm a secretary," I said proudly, "For a law firm."
"Oh my, that's quite the job. Do you just sit in a chair all day and do paperwork, then?" he asked. I nodded.
"yeah, it's pretty boring. Luckily there's a taco bell next door that I can run to whenever I need a snack."
"That's very convenient," he agreed, "what time do you usually break?"
"Around 5, when we close to the public."
"Would you mind if I came and ate dinner with you on your break?" he asked. I smiled and shook my head.
"Not at all," I said "please do, that would be lovely."
When I got to my room, I was out of breath from climbing the one flight of stairs to the second floor, and I sat on my bed, my shirt feeling far too tight. I took it off and buttoned up my work blouse. It had been feeling tighter lately, the buttons harder to do up, but today they just did not want to button. I sucked in my belly and did them up, stuffed myself into a black pencil skirt, and tried to zip it. No matter how much I sucked in, I could not get the zipper over my butt.
"Dammit," I sighed, and pulled my blouse down as far as I could, hoping it would cover. I put on my heels and drove to work, keeping my belly sucked in as much as possible the whole time.
"Brittany, early as usual," my boss said, smiling at me. I smiled back and grabbed a stack of papers with my name on a sticky note attached to the top one. It was harder to walk in my heels, and I couldn't figure out why. Luckily, I didn't need to do a whole lot of standing. I wobbled to my desk and sat down heavily, slowly letting my belly relax. It growled lightly, startling me. There was no way I was already hungry. I was still stuffed from breakfast, a few hours ago! My boss stood behind me and laughed, setting down a box of krispy kreme donuts.
"Don't forget to eat lunch before you come in," he said, and walked away.
I munched away on the donuts as I filled out papers, the hours passing like minutes. It was finally my break time, and I wandered out into the parking lot, looking for Doctor Smith.
"I thought you might like a little change of pace," he said, leaning against a wall. I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and blushed.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"I mean I brought you some McDonald's today," he said, holding up four large bags. There were two milkshakes in a cupholder by his feet. We talked and I ate every single thing in every bag, not even noticing it.
"Careful, you look a bit unsteady on those heels," he said, steadying me as I tried to walk back into the building. My blouse had huge gaps between the buttons where you could see my potbelly trying to escape, but I was sucking it in as much as possible. I said goodbye to the doctor and walked in, feeling my belly wobble slightly with every step i took. I sat down in my chair and released the breath I had been holding, and my belly flowed out into my blouse, overfilling it. A button popped off of my blouse; then another; then another. My big, round belly sat in my lap, fleshy and pale. I was horrified. Before I could think of what to do, my boss was behind me, asking me about the papers. He stopped short upon seeing my situation, and grinned.
"Wow," he said, beginning to laugh, "I guess you've put on weight quicker than you realized. Did you have a good lunch? I see that you quite clearly did. Don't worry about it, this kind of thing happens in office jobs all the time," he reassured me, "Everyone gets a little chubby. But you.. wow, Brittany. Looks like you're passing 'a little chubby' pretty fast. If you like, you can just take these papers home and finish them there. I trust you enough to know you'll get them done."
"Oh my god, I'm really really embarrassed," I moaned, putting my head in my hands, "thank you for understanding."
"Of course. Just, uh, buy new work clothes or try to lay off the greasy fried foods, okay?" he said, giving my shoulder a friendly squeeze and walking away.
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QuebecFA 7 years
I love this story! I'm hoping for Chapter 3 in the future! :-)
Flake113 9 years
Terrific story, can't wait for MORE!