The Paysite

Chapter 1 - fiona meets the webmaster

Fiona sat sullenly at the mall Sbarro, munching away on her 4th slice of meat lovers pizza, with several empty containers of high calorie garlic dip near her. Her jeans were way too small now and her soft belly rolls, with large belly button, had flopped over onto her lap, the jean button struggling to stay closed. Thick thighs, but soft as jelly, formed her lap. Her muffin top was quite pronounced, with stacked side rolls, and her shirt barely contained her massive tits, with nipples showing clearly through her thin bra. Her low hanging ass even felt heavier today.

She had crossed the line from plump to fat a few months back, and now weighed about 170 pounds, and stood 5'5" tall. She was pissed because her car needed big time repair work, college bills were due and Donnie, her loser boyfriend, had left her. Donnie said she was getting too fat, after seeing her at the lake in her bikini. That was the day she noticed that her belly roll had folded over and there was no keeping it in the swimsuit bottom - it was easier to just let it lap over.

So there she sat, wondering where she was going to get more money in her lousy life. Just enough cash left for a Baskin Robbins triple scoop, with fudge sauce. She didn't mind being fat, it was easier to be lazy and the softness was nice too. Clothes were a problem, but there were always sweats.

A hot italian looking guy had been watching her, she was pretty sure. He was sneaking glances from accross the food court. Screw Donnie, this guy, in expensive clothes, he was coming over!

"Excuse me, Miss," the hot guy said, "I couldn't help but notice name is Serge Banno." "Hi," stammered Fiona smiling, and wiping the ice cream and whipped cream from her chin, "I'm Fiona Jones."

"Nice to meet you Fiona, mind if I sit down?", said Serge. "Not at all," said Fiona, gesturing to the chair across from her.

"I am with a firm called Adipose Marketing," said Serge, "And I think you would make an excellent model!"

"Me? A model?", Fiona laughed and poked her gut roll, "With this fat roly poly body?"

"Well, yes as a matter of fact. Adipose Marketing uses plus size models to attract a certain internet marketing segment - it's cutting edge stuff," said Serge, "If you are interested please stop by our office, here is my card. We pay very well. Our average model makes $100,000 per year!"

"Really?," said Fiona, shocked, "What's the catch?"

"Just cold hard cash for gaining weight. You will have to get fat, but we pay very, very well," Serge explained.

Fiona thought about this a moment..."I'm already fat," she thought, "and I need the cash...sounds easy!" The she smiled and exclaimed, "Let's go to your office Serge!"
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