The Urban Myth

Chapter 1

Let me tell the story I heard....

A young beautiful lady by the name of Sophia moved into the big house, it was heard that her family were oil merchants and were very wealthy. She had long auburn hair and a friendly smile, she was in her late 20's, not married, nor had children. She was very slim, not much over 100lbs and was regularly seen going for a jog around the country lanes.

Her family were not comfortable with Sophia living in that big house all by her self, and employed staff to keep her company, she had a cook called Emily and a butler named James. They were both in their 40's, also both single with no mention of children.

Sophia was very involved with local charities and was always out and about entertaining people or helping organise community events, she really was a genuine good girl.

Over the first few months though it was noticed by everyone, Sophia included; at her subtle weight gain. She must only have gained about 20lbs, but it was enough for her to need new clothes, and for others to notice her normally very slender frame was slightly more filled out. Sophia didn't really think much about it, and just put it down to not spending as much time out jogging. And having good home cooked food prepared for her. Emily was such a good cook, always preparing healthy meals for her when ever she needed, and James would just drive her everywhere now, so Sophia didn't even really need to do much walking any more.

Sophia's life carried on like this for another couple of years, she through herself into her charity work, she won several awards for her work in the community and was respected and liked by everyone. The only thing that was beginning to upset Sophia was her weight gain, no matter what she did she just couldn't stop gaining weight. It might have started off slowly, but over these last two years Sophia had gained so much, she kept looking at her scales in the bathroom, but kept putting off standing on them, she had replaced her wardrobe so many times now and her latest clothes were really getting too snug. She noticed big gaps between her buttons on her shirts when she sat down, and she had to lie down and wriggle into her trousers.

One night Sophia looked at herself in the mirror after getting out of the bath, she saw her belly hanging down and her breasts so much bigger than they were, she noticed how her bottom jiggled when she looked at her reflection as she walked around, Sophia was not happy about this and sadly stood on the scales, she new she had put on some weight, remembering just over 2 years ago she weighed 120lbs she was not expecting the scales to show what they did....... 240lbs.... her weight had doubled.

This really upset Sophia, and she sat on the floor on the bathroom and cried, after sobbing for an hour she went and found Emily and explained that she wanted to lose weight and only wanted to eat the most healthy and low fat of foods. Sophia was surprised by the look of anger that appeared across Emily's face, Emily responded by shouting at Sophia, telling her how ungrateful she was. This upset Sophia even more and she ran to her bedroom and threw herself onto her bed.
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JulesTeak 12 years
where'd you hear it?
Gary1627 13 years
what a weird story, but I do like it
Sparkle 13 years
yeah.... it is lightly a different view to my other stories!!!