The fattening Bunker (NEW CHAPTERS)

Chapter 1 - the rules

Chapter One
Sally and rob awoke to find themselves in darkness unable to move, bound by their legs and wrists.
Rob "Where am I"?
Sally "Who's their"?
Before their conversation could begin the lights came on allowing both sally and rob to take a look at their surroundings. As they peered around the room they could see they were in a bunker like building with a kitchen to the left with a glass wall. All of a sudden the speaker came on and a voice said,
"Hello rob and sally, you both must be wondering where you are. You are my prisoners here until you complete your tasks then you are free to go" Rob began to wriggle free.
"Escape is useless" said the voice. "Your task is simple". "You both must eat until you reach your target weight and then you are free".
Sally "Why are you doing this".
Voice "There will be limitless food available and you must consume a given amount each day". "You will live, eat and sleep here". "New clothes will be provided only when you're other don't fit anymore.
The speaker turned off and the constraints holding sally and rob down came loose.
Sally was 21 years of age, blonde 5ft 9 weighing around 8 stone 4bls. She had nice curvy hips, flat stomach and toned bum. Rob was 21 with an athletic build complete with six pack weighing 14 stone. He had always been very proud of his body but secretly enjoyed when he accidentally gained some weight in college.
Sally and rob looked at each other in terror to notice they were both dressed in the same black pants and white buttoned shirt.
Sally "We have to get out of here".
Rob "I don't think we can it looks pretty sealed up to me".
Sally "But I don't want to get fat I love my body".
Rob " It may be are only way out of here". "Come one let's take a look around this place first".
Behind them was a luxurious lounge area complete with sofas, a TV, magazines and a games console. To the back of the bunker was a single bedroom with a large king size bed.
Sally "Only one bed?"
Rob "Don't worry i will sleep on the sofa".
As they walked into the kitchen it became obviously they had a lot of eating to do.
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Irons10 8 years
I doubt it. I feel ive gone far enough with the story
Spaniard93 8 years
this is a work of art smiley
Planb 8 years
I'm not seeing any new chapters...
Irons10 8 years
yeah not my strongest point, certainly not two years ago
Karla353 8 years
The grammar is turning me off
Irons10 10 years
New story called Fat City will be posted in the next few hours would love if you all read it.
Growrnshowr 10 years
Thank you so much for an amazing story!! smiley
Irons10 10 years
been on my hols will update soon
Splatacaster 10 years
Please update!
ChellyCurves 10 years
I LOVE this story. I want more!
Cody224 10 years
More dont stop
Irons10 10 years
It will be coming to and end soon but I have a few more chapters to write then on to another story
Growrnshowr 10 years
I hate to think that this is coming to an end, hope I'm wrong!
Irons10 10 years
Currently writing chapters 14 and 15. Will upload at least three by the end of the week.
Growrnshowr 10 years
Wonderful! Even though I would love a chapter a day I would be willing to wait for like 5 to get a bigger dose of their story! Just loving it! Thank you!!
Irons10 10 years
Would you like me to add a chapter daily or wait a few days for several?
Irons10 10 years
I always get pissed off with too many stories on here which end within three chapters
Growrnshowr 10 years
Superb story! Love the characterisations and the fact you are in no rush to end. Excellent!
Irons10 10 years
I will be adding more chapters within the next few days. Glad you're enjoying the story.